How to Choose the Right Android Tv Box in 2021

Hello there, are you planning to buy a new android tv box? It is splendid news, but have you considered these points while choosing the best android tv box? If not, okay then consider these points before buying any android tv box. So now we will look at some key points on How to Choose the Right Android Tv Box in 2021. We have separated this article into two parts Hardware related and Software related. So, sit in your chairs and grab your coffee.

But Why an Android TV Box instead of a Smart TV?

Because Android TV Boxes are cheap options, to convert your old tv into a smart one. It has changed the whole industry of entertainment. Moreover, with android tv, you can watch movies, OTT content & cable tv with no hassle at the same time.

These tv boxes are a key factor for bringing a change in the television industry. Now your tv will act as a vast screen mobile phone. You can now use the online internet world, use social media platforms, connect on video calls, read the latest news, shop all of your needs, Use your Wi-Fi, seamlessly with one device. That’s the power of Android Tv Box.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Android TV Box:

· Plans and Subscriptions

There are many android tv boxes available in the market. Moreover, these android tv boxes have very unique pricing plans, and they change as per the company. While some android tv boxes offer one-time payment for unlimited use, many of them charge monthly. Most of the dish tv and cable TV providing companies use this method.

As we can also use Android tv boxes with ott platforms, you should also consider their pricing and plans. Most of the ott platforms have similar pricing for Android TV platforms, but it will be great if you calculate pricing and plans according to your needs. By this method, you will also get a rough idea of your monthly payment.

Moreover, if you are using any premium version of apps, make sure you check, whether or not you can use it on multiple devices.

· Check for Google Play.

If you are planning to buy a new android tv, the first thing you should consider is the status of Google play. You should choose an android tv box that works with Google play because google play offers many free services and makes using android tv even easier.

Google Play support is a vital factor to keep your android tv box running smoothly. Simply because whether it is a security update or bug fixes, every software depends on google play support.

Setting up with google play is also too easy, and worth it. You will be able to access vast knowledge on the internet easily with Google’s best features. Moreover, if you connect your android tv with the play store, you can a

· Don’t Fall for Unnecessary Features

Many Android Tv Box providers offer features that are not in practical use. Maybe they add them to make the deal look more attractive to customers. You should choose an Android tv box that has additional features; However, some features are not much useful and don’t add any value to the user experience.

We will suggest you consider these best features instead when you are about to choose an android tv box.

  • Wireless File transfer capability
  • Video Call compatible
  • Voice search via remote.
  • Personalization compatibility.

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· Product Review

Before buying your android tv box, search reviews for the model you are looking for. Take some time to do your research on the setup box and then read what customers experienced with this product.

Product reviews are best when it comes to testing or buying any service or product online. It gives detailed product information from users, so it eliminates the risk of scams or fraud. So when you will create a wishlist for your android tv box, don’t forget to check their reviews from customers.

This will give you a quick test result of products along with any flaw or bug in the tv. However, most of the android tv box selling companies won’t scam you, but you can get a recommendation from other buyers who tested the android tv box.

Rather than checking product reviews directly from seller’s websites, consider checking them on platforms or online selling platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. You can also watch reviews from individual YouTube tech channels.

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·Input and Output ports

You should also check output and input ports for making most of your android tv. Most of the Android TV boxes feature them but do not forget to check these things at your end. The best video ports will be HDMI 2.0, VGA to support streaming 4k and ultra HD streaming resolutions. However, if your tv does not support HDMI and still uses RCA ports to connect, then make sure you get one according to tv. Similarly, some port adapters can help you out.

Moreover, also check USB ports, So that you could use USB compatible technology to watch movies from pen drives.

Meanwhile, you can also use an HDMI port to connect your CPU to an android tv box and turn it into a monitor for your PC. You can also play games with your PC, but only if it supports HDMI port data encoding. Or you can set up dual monitors for your PC.So check that too!


One of the most important parts of an android tv box is maybe its brain. That’s right, choosing the right processor also helps you to get an idea of how the O.S (Operating System) works. The more powerful the processor, the smoother performance your android tv box will get. Choosing a CPU for the android tv box is, like choosing a phone with the best CPU for its price.

The best processor on the market right now is Quad-core with a 2.0 GHz clock speed. If you get somewhere around that, it will be the best deal for you. When you couple a processor with the perfect memory & storage combination, you will get the best android tv box. Now you see Technology for the android tv box always gets updated every year. So maybe you can get a better processor than we have given here. Research for the boxes and compare them to get the perfect android tv box.

·Storage and Memory

Ram and storage options are also as equally important as the Processor of the android tv box. Best in business android tv box suppliers can give you around 2GB to 4GB Ram depending on the Price. There are always two models of the same brand with different memory specs. Always go for the bigger ram, because it will let you install more apps without lagging the O.S(Operating System).

Also, depending on the Price, there may be different models for Storage. Generally, you will get around 8Gb to 16Gb maybe more on some premium products. But one thing to know about is, Android tv box lets you insert an SD card to increase internal storage memory. So, make sure the android tv box you choose has SD card support on it. Because typically, tv boxes support up to 128Gb Storage so you can install more apps and record your episodes and keep them on the storage to watch later.

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·Network Connectivity

The most important Connectivity will be to connect to Wi-Fi and maybe also BlueTooth. Make sure you have Wi-Fi Connectivity on your tv box. Because you are going to need Wi-Fi to install apps on the android tv box. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to connect controllers and play games on the Tv. As it is an Android Box, it can also be able to install games on it if the memory is high enough to support these games/apps.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi adapter should have at least 802.11ac to get the smoothest and lag-free Video playback with no buffer. You would need the best receiver because if your Wi-Fi has 100Mbps speed but your android tv box does not support over 10Mbps then it’s not worth it.

Gigabit Ethernet:  Same for the Lan cable, also called Ethernet Port. You can get a stable connection and no drop-in signal or anything, unlike the Wi-Fi. As it will be connected through the cable, it will provide you with a stable connection with no bandwidth drops.

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· Video and Display

This here will choose if your Tv box is best in business or not. The Display and Video ports will be the most important feature in any android tv box.

HDMI: The HDMI port should be HDMI 2.0 at least, as it supports streaming 4k videos online on OTT Apps and YouTube.

Video Encoder: Video encoder, encodes the video to transmit the data through the online servers to your display. You would need 265 hardware decoding for the best experience on the android tv box. Its other name is high-efficiency video encoding (HEVC), so look for that. If you need 8K support, then your box should have the support of an H.265 encoder on the system.

Refresh Rate: Make sure your android tv box’s refresh rate is above 60 or at least 60. Because most of the videos online support 60fps to keep the experience at Max. You can also get a Technology called Dynamic Refresh rate, which is nothing but a change in refresh rate according to the output of the Streaming platform. That means if a video supports 60 fps then it will change its refresh rate to 60, and if the video rate is 30Fps (for soap opera serials or cable tv) it will change it to 30.

· O.S- Operating System

The Operating System of the box artists’ UI/UX is also important. First, O.S should be up to date, and before anything else you should install the latest version. So, speak with the android box’s installer to update the O.S on the spot when installing so there are no issues related to the box. As the latest update should fix some bugs that are present in the O.S. According to 2021, your Android version should be at least Android 10.1/Android Q or higher. The better is the android version, the smoother will be the video playback and UI experience.

O.S coupled with Ram and Storage will give you the best Android Tv Box with no doubt. Please make sure that it gives you the android loading animation when the tv box turns on. And Update any apps or else on the system to the latest version. Set up your Google account and Subscription plan with the Box Supplier at the time of installation.

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Parting Words:

To sum up, upgrading to an Android tv box is an excellent decision to make in this fast-changing technology era. But don’t just blindly go for any setup box that looks cool and has a huge discount sale. Most of the reputed android tv boxes are serving good to their target customers and if you are one of them. In the upcoming times, it will replace TVs as mobile phones, replace STD booths and landlines. Similarly, most of the media publishing houses are launching their own out platforms and giving subscription services.

Wrapping Up

In short, just check all the features and services your desired Android tv box offers and then compare them with other brands. This will give you brief and detailed data, which will make your comparison task easy.

Moreover, don’t forget to check the review of the Android tv box that you want to buy. It will be nice if you take some time and do your research. And as a smart customer do not fall for unnecessary features and huge discount sales.

We will also recommend you check all the connectivity options as well. Bluetooth connectivity feature will also improve your experience if you connect your Bluetooth headphones to an Android tv box.

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