20 Best Brand Channels on Youtube – Creating Top Notch Content

Online video consumption has absolutely skyrocketed in recent years. According to statistics, individuals now spend an average of 17 hours per week watching videos online, fully immersing themselves in the vast ocean of content available on the internet.

From comedy clips to tutorials to documentaries and more, online video platforms cater to an incredibly diverse range of interests. And leading this online video revolution is the undisputed titan of internet video – YouTube.

Best Brand Channels on Youtube

YouTube dominates the online video space, with a massive 2.68 billion users as of 2023. It has become the go-to source for entertainment, education, and more. An astounding 80 million subscribers are even paying for premium access to YouTube and YouTube Music, demonstrating the immense value users place on the platform.

Projections suggest that by 2028, YouTube’s global user base could surpass 1.1 billion – a truly mind-blowing number. It’s clear that YouTube holds tremendous influence over internet audiences.

Given YouTube’s unparalleled reach, it represents an invaluable opportunity for brands to engage with consumers. However, with over 51 million brand channels on YouTube, the competition for audience attention is fierce.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the success stories of the top brand accounts on YouTube. By analyzing exactly how these leading brands have mastered audience engagement on the platform, you can gain priceless insights to inform your own YouTube strategy.

Let’s dive in and explore the secrets behind the top 20 brand accounts on YouTube.

Top 20 Brand Accounts on YouTube

The vast sea of over 51 million brand channels on YouTube makes standing out a formidable challenge. However, a select few brands have managed to rise to the top and become leading accounts on the platform.

Here are the top 20 brands on YouTube that have built huge audiences of loyal subscribers:

1. Coca Cola

coca cola
  • 4.26 million subscribers
  • Popular “Share a Coke” campaign
  • Content focused on connecting with target audience
  • Uplifting, inspiring branding

As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Coca Cola enjoys universal name recognition. But the company has still managed to leverage YouTube exceptionally well to boost its brand.

Coca Cola demonstrates an intimate understanding of its core demographic – millennials. It partners with popular YouTube influencers to produce authentic, relatable content tailored to this target audience.

The resoundingly successful “Share a Coke” marketing campaign was an excellent example of emotionally resonant branding content. The YouTube channel contains a trove of similarly uplifting, inspiring content and commercials from regions around the world.

2. Angry Birds

angry birds youtube channel
  • 6.57 million subscribers
  • Broad range of content beyond just games
  • Animated series, craft tutorials, recipes
  • Insider peeks into games

Given its widespread popularity, Angry Birds enjoys a built-in audience for game-related content. But the brand succeeds on YouTube by taking a much broader approach, creating content that appeals to a diverse range of viewers.

Beyond just highlighting the games, the channel offers animated episodic series, unboxing videos for merchandise, creative crafting tutorials featuring Angry Birds characters, themed recipes, plushie videos, and more. Holiday-centric videos help keep audiences engaged throughout the year.

The channel also provides sneak peeks into upcoming games and expansions. This “behind-the-scenes” access helps build a sense of connection and loyalty with fans invested in the franchise.

3. VAT19

VAT19 youtube channel
  • 9.94 million subscribers
  • Spotlights “curiously awesome” products
  • Funny commercials and zany challenges
  • Product reviews and collaborations

VAT19 is a novelty online retailer catering to those seeking quirky, outrageous, and intriguing products. This positioning is perfectly reflected through their YouTube channel.

The channel contains a collection of funny commercials for VAT19’s lineup of offbeat products. But they also use stunts, viewer challenges, and product experiments to captivate audiences.

Collaborations with YouTube creators provide engaging content while exposing the VAT19 brand to new potential customers. Product reviews and “test drive” videos allow audiences to get an inside look before purchasing.

4. Lego

Lego youtube channel
Lego youtube channel
  • 17.3 million subscribers
  • Diverse content from various Lego worlds
  • Playlists for different themes and interests
  • High production quality content

Lego has leveraged YouTube exceptionally well, building an audience through diverse, high-quality content. The channel showcases all the latest Lego sets while also promoting its various “worlds” through dedicated playlists.

These specialized playlists feature content highlights from Lego worlds like Ninjago, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more. For audiences interested in actually building, playlists provide step-by-step instructions for popular sets.

By tailoring content across the Lego brand in this way, they appeal to broader interests beyond just their consumer base. This helps expand their reach and exposure to potential new customers.

5. Oddbods

oddbods youtube channel
  • 10.7 million subscribers
  • Relatable characters and everyday situations
  • Bright, visually engaging animations
  • Playlists organized by preferences

Oddbods is an animated kids’ series following the humorous misadventures of 7 colorful furry characters. Each with their own distinct personality, the Oddbods get into comical situations that kids can relate with.

The core of the channel is full episodes and shorts featuring the characters. But playlists are tailored to different interests, like only featuring a certain character, music videos, or healing meditations.

The bright costumes and energetic animated antics make the videos visually mesmerizing for kids. The relatable, funny situations keep them engaged and entertained amidst life’s everyday ups and downs.

6. My Little Pony Official

My Little Pony Official
  • 5.16 million subscribers
  • Playlists for episodes, songs, specials
  • Interactive content like karaoke
  • Appeals to dedicated fans and newcomers

As a storied franchise, My Little Pony has a devoted following spanning generations. But the brand continues to attract new fans too, and YouTube has played an essential role.

The official YouTube channel serves both audiences through playlists tailored for interests. Full episode playlists let fans binge the animated series. Other playlists compile songs, specials, and compilations.

Interactive content like karaoke sessions and drawing tutorials immerse fans and kids in the My Little Pony world. The diverse content keeps both loyal lifelong fans and newcomers engaged.

7. Disney

disney youtube channel
  • 5.75 million subscribers
  • Built-in audience across franchises
  • Polished, high-quality productions
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion

The Disney brand comes built-in with an absolutely massive audience, given its collection of iconic characters and franchises. But Disney still executes brilliantly on YouTube by playing to its strengths.

Its content leverages the vast Disney catalog, with playlists dedicated to popular shows, music, and compilations featuring fan favorite characters. Trailers and sneak peeks keep fans hooked on upcoming projects.

As you’d expect from Disney, production quality on original content is polished and impressive. And the company’s commitment to diversity/inclusiveness helps the brand resonate with today’s audiences.

8. BMW

bmw youtube
  • 1.47 million subscribers
  • Diverse content across models, technology, sustainability
  • Playlists for specific interests and series
  • Spotlights latest BMW offerings

You might assume a luxury automotive brand would focus solely on highlighting its latest models. But BMW succeeds by taking a broader approach on their YouTube channel.

The channel offers a wealth of content across the BMW brand, from glossy new model unveils to series exploring technology and sustainability. Playlists help audiences narrow in on their interests, like behind-the-scenes looks at BMW’s design process.

Videos provide 360-degree interior views of new models, taking you deeper than a standard ad. Other series spotlight fascinating BMW owners around the globe. This diversity and depth of content keeps viewers engaged well beyond potential car buyers.

9. Google

google youtube channel
  • 11.7 million subscribers
  • Broad, diverse content beyond just products
  • Playlists tailored to specific interests
  • Regular updates across multiple formats

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Google’s products are already widely used. But their YouTube channel succeeds by providing value that goes far beyond just product teasers.

The channel offers a remarkably wide range of content, from artificial intelligence, to sustainability, to small business tips. Google also spotlights inspirational stories highlighting their products enabling real people’s dreams.

Playlists around interests like productivity, education, and accessibility make it easy to navigate the vast content. Regular updates through videos, shorts, and podcasts keep the channel dynamic.

10. Nike

  • 1.84 million subscribers
  • Captures Nike’s energetic spirit and voice
  • Showcases athletes through impactful storytelling
  • Partners with influencers and athletes for exclusive content

Nike’s YouTube channel excels at conveying the brand’s inspiring essence and outlook. The channel bio quotes their famous slogan “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

This mindset fuels the channel’s focus around portraying athletes as the driving force behind the Nike brand. Playlists provide tailored content focused on women’s sports, sustainability, and exploring different sports around the world. Impactful athlete spotlights provide motivational stories of overcoming challenges.

By partnering with big names like LeBron James for exclusive content, Nike leverages influencer collaborations to full advantage. The channel brings the brand’s uplifting outlook on human potential to life.

11. GoPro

gopro youtube channel
  • 11.2 million subscribers
  • Showcases daring sports and adventures in immersive POV
  • Partners with top athletes and adventurers
  • Features captivating user-generated content

GoPro built a brand around capturing life’s most thrilling adventures in an immersive, up-close way. This adrenaline-fueled energy pulsates through their YouTube channel.

GoPro collaborates with top athletes and adventurers like pro snowboarder Travis Rice and base jumper Ian Flanders to capture exhilarating sports from daring POV angles. The unique perspectives produced through GoPro cameras allow viewers to vicariously experience the thrill.

But GoPro also spotlights captivating content captured by their customers across the world through their Awards program. This blend of professional and user-generated content keeps the channel feeling fresh and engaging.

12. Red Bull

redbull youtube
  • 14.2 million subscribers
  • Showcases extreme sports and events
  • Playlists organized by sport or series
  • Thrilling POV perspectives

Red Bull similarly focuses on extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping content. The brand has mastered the art of capturing fascinating camera angles of risky stunts and athletic feats across different sports.

Playlists allow you to deep dive into a specific sport, whether it be surfing, skateboarding, motorsports, bike racing, and beyond. Other playlists compile segments from Red Bull series like Frames and On the Rocks.

The daredevil personas and prowess of featured Red Bull athletes combined with thrilling POV footage makes for bold, engaging content that spreads virally.

13. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret
  • 1.93 million subscribers
  • Playlists for fashion shows, seasonal collections, collabs, etc.
  • Spotlights Angels and influencers
  • Behind-the-scenes model content

Victoria’s Secret benefits from the glamour and allure surrounding its globally famous fashion shows and models. This prestige and aspiration permeates through the brand’s YouTube channel.

Playlists are organized around different interests like the must-see annual fashion shows, seasonal collections, athlete spotlights, and collaborations with major artists like Taylor Swift.

Behind-the-scenes content offers an exclusive peek at model experiences. By leaning into this glamorous aesthetic and prestige, Victoria’s Secret holds an enviable position in culture that bolsters its YouTube success.

14. Chanel

chanel youtube channel
  • 2.5 million subscribers
  • Spotlights eminent creative partners
  • Makeup tutorials showcase products
  • Conveys prestige and elegance

Like Victoria’s Secret, Chanel enjoys immense cachet stemming from its positioning in the luxury fashion world. The brand transfers this elite mystique to YouTube flawlessly.

Chanel spotlights eminent creative partners like Pharrell Williams and top models like Gigi Hadid to reinforce its prestige. Playlists feature Chanel shows and events at glamorous venues, elegantly conveying the essence of the brand.

Makeup tutorial videos provide inspiration while showcasing Chanel cosmetic products. By immersing viewers in the allure of Chanel, the channel transforms from a marketing play into an aspirational experience.

15. WWE

  • 99.5 million subscribers
  • Showcases wrestler personalities and ongoing rivalries
  • Clips from live shows and pay-per-view events
  • Interviews and behind-the-scenes footage

WWE has built a massive audience on YouTube through explosive clips highlighting the drama and outrageous personalities that define the brand. Playlists are organized by ongoing narrative arcs between feuding wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

Short clips from live televised shows, as well as full matches from pay-per-view events, let fans relive exciting moments. Interviews spotlighting wrestler personalities and heated rivalries add fuel to ongoing feuds.

This strong blending of in-ring action and soap opera-like drama outside the ring has made WWE a cultural phenomenon, reflected in their astronomical YouTube subscriber count.

16. Monster High

monster high youtube
  • 2.79 million subscribers
  • Episodic animated series
  • Music playlists and compilations
  • Emphasis on embracing uniqueness

Monster High is a novel animated series for kids based around relatable teenage characters who happen to be children of famous monsters like Dracula and the Mummy.

Full episodes and shorts make up a core of the channel’s content. Music playlists let kids sing and dance along to catchy songs from the show. Compilation playlists combine themed segments like “scarecrows” and “zombies.”

The emphasis on embracing your uniqueness and forming friendships beyond social “cliques” resonates strongly with kids. This messaging contributes to the brand’s popularity and success on YouTube.

17. ViralHog

  • 21.5 million subscribers
  • Compilations of viral, crazy videos
  • Categorized playlists based on content type
  • Constantly updated library of videos

ViralHog has built a YouTube channel around compiling viral videos from across the internet all in one place. The channel unleashes an endless stream of funny, unbelievable, and shocking videos.

Playlists group videos by themes like kids and animals for easy browsing. Sections like “Epic Fails” and “Cool Stuff” offer exactly what you’d expect – curated videos showing fails or cool moments.

The channel’s editorial team actively sources new viral content across the web to continuously update the video library. This endless stream of shareable content makes ViralHog a go-to destination for internet video addicts.

18. DatPiff

DatPiff youtube channel
  • 2.43 million subscribers
  • Massive collection of mixtapes
  • Organized by playlists for genres, artists, etc.
  • New and exclusive mixtapes

Since 2005, DatPiff has established itself as the authority for free hip hop mixtapes. Their YouTube channel provides easy access to their massive mixtape collection.

Playlists sort mixtapes by artist, genre, most popular, and more, letting you narrow in on your music taste. Hip hop fans can find an endless stream of new music.

Releasing exclusive mixtapes helps attract audiences eager for the latest music. By serving as a mixtape goldmine, DatPiff carved out a valuable niche that separates it from broader music sites.

19. Purple

purple youtube channel
  • 183,000 subscribers
  • Showcases innovative comfort products
  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • Informational videos on product technology

As makers of the unique Purple Grid mattress, Purple focuses their YouTube channel on educating audiences about their product technology and helping them find the right comfort solution.

The channel contains numerous testimonials from satisfied customers explaining how Purple products improved their sleep. Informational videos dive deep into the proprietary Purple Grid technology that sets their mattresses apart.

This educational approach paired with an emphasis on customer satisfaction helps convey Purple’s credibility. For shoppers considering a major mattress purchase, this depth of info is hugely valuable.

20. Headspace

Headspace youtube channel
  • 691,000 subscribers
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Playlists for specific needs: sleep, stress, focus
  • Teachings on mindfulness and meditation

As pioneers in making meditation accessible through mobile technology, Headspace focuses their YouTube presence on expanding their meditation instruction.

The channel offers numerous guided meditation videos tailoring sessions for needs around sleep, anxiety, work productivity, and more. Animated videos use visual metaphors to convey concepts around mindfulness.

Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe teaches the fundamentals and benefits of meditation through a series for beginners. This educational emphasis provides real value, positioning Headspace as a definitive resource beyond just their app.

Key Takeaways for Brands on YouTube

By studying the approaches utilized by leading brands on YouTube, some best practices emerge:

Know your audience – Study your target demographic and create content tailored to their interests and preferences.

Offer diverse content – Expand beyond your core product to provide wider value through varied content formats.

Curate playlists – Organize content into categorized playlists to provide a tailored viewing experience.

Prioritize quality – Production value matters – invest in high-quality video to meet viewer expectations.

Build community – Foster stronger bonds with viewers through interactive content and collaborations.

Remain consistent – Release new videos frequently to stay top of mind on YouTube’s endless scroll.

Listen and evolve – Continuously monitor audience analytics and trends to identify opportunities to refine your strategy.

By taking inspiration from these leading brands, you can formulate a winning YouTube approach. But the most essential ingredient for success is thoroughly understanding your audience.

Don’t miss the chance to unearth key insights that will unlock your brand’s true potential on YouTube. Leverage social listening to craft captivating content tailored to your audience’s interests.

YouTube presents an immense opportunity to engage consumers when they are most receptive. By learning from the success of top brands on the platform, you can develop an effective, audience-focused YouTube strategy.

Remember – your audience holds the true power on YouTube through their viewership, likes, comments, and subscriptions. Keep their preferences and interests at the heart of your approach.

Craft content that educates, entertains, inspires, or surprises. Build a sense of community through interactivity. Stay on the pulse of trends and pop culture. With a thorough understanding of your audience and marketplace, you can produce content that taps into consumer passions.

Execute persistently over time. Monitor performance analytics to identify what resonates and what falls flat. Optimize and refine based on these insights. Soon you’ll be on your way to building lasting bonds and discourse with your audience.

Treat YouTube not as a one-off marketing play, but as an opportunity to cultivate an authentic brand community. With strategic, thoughtful effort, your brand can gradually blossom into one of the platform’s success stories.

The internet video revolution has only just begun. YouTube will continue ascending to unprecedented heights in the years ahead as video becomes further ingrained into our digital lives.

Now is the time to start mapping out your brand’s strategy on this essential platform. By mimicking the success formulas of leading brands, you are on the right path. Stay nimble, listen to your audience, and deliver value above all else.

The opportunity awaits – it’s time to start your brand’s journey to YouTube success!

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