Android TV box Running Slow Fixed

Android TV boxes are widely used for streaming purposes. But sometimes you may get irritated with them due to many reasons. Suppose you are watching your favorite show and all of a sudden, the streaming stops or your Android box starts to lag, such situations are very frustrating. And are caused because your TV box is getting slower. You can cure this by following our Android TV Box running slow fixed error repairing guide.

Android TV boxes are equipped with a powerful processor and sufficient storage space that allow them to handle every complex task. Regardless of their capabilities, sometimes, it can put a user in a trouble by lagging. For a while, it will upset you but don’t worry because we have collected every possible solution to help you in getting rid of the slow-running issue of Android boxes. Most of these issues exist because of many reasons which we will discuss below.

Why is your Android TV box running Slow?

As seen in other streaming devices, the Android TV box works similarly but performance goes down after several months of use. This sudden Android TV Box running slow issue may occur due to overheating, no storage space, running of several applications in the background, and many such reasons.

The possibility of issues exists because of incompatible apps and processes being run continuously. Irrespective of how powerful these boxes are, using them in excess will damage their performance. Therefore, if your Android TV box is not working smoothly, you should consider applying our Android TV Box running slow fixes.

How to Fix Android TV Box Running Slow:

First, let’s look at some of the hardware compatibility issues that might cause Android TV Box running slow along with their solutions.

Fix for Android TV Box running slow due to Software Issues

If you are still facing Android TV Box Running Slow issue persistently, then it can be due to a software error. Follow these methods to eradicate any possible software problem.

Fix 1: Closing Apps to Exit:

As you already know the more your apps consume RAM, the laggier your device becomes. So, it is important to keep minimum background apps while using an Android TV box.

Most of the time Android TV box users tend to forget to exit an app, and directly press the “Home” button instead of the “back” button. This minimizes the current app it’s then stored in RAM until you open it again and exit it.

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Fix 2: Restarting your Android Box

If you will keep using the Android box without any break, it will start showing some issues. It may lag because the memory could be occupied with plenty of tasks. This puts a load on the CPU to carry out multiple processes.

As a result, the performance of the PC gets affected. If lagging is something you are experiencing on the Android TV, just restart it to kill all the running processes. Switch it off and unplug for few seconds. Run after some time.

Fix for Android TV Box running slow due to Hardware Issues:

Fix 1: Use the Original Adapter

Every android TV box has a unique power rating, which is entirely based on its hardware. It must get the right input or else, the functioning will be affected badly. Your Android TV box ay overheats or starts to lag.

Many things can happen but with the use of the adapted given by your manufacturer all these issues can be fixed. Also, make sure to view the manual first.

Fix 2: Free up storage Space or Use External Storage Devices

Every android TV box contains the option of expanding storage. The internal storage space is not sufficient. Storage space can be expanded by using a Micro card SD slot or USB ports. Some even offer the compatibility to connect external hard drives.

It’s useful for storing a plethora of content. One of the advantages of using this external storage device is that you leave internal storage for apps. It will not lag after the use of external storage. Moreover, you can remove some apps to free up some space.

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Fix 3: Incorporate a Cooling Fan

Every electronic device heat after constant usage that’s why they are designed with a way to release that heat. Such devices contain holes, cooling fans, heat sinks, and so on. However, these cooling systems can’t prevent from being overheated.

If you are playing games without any break for several hours, it can cause overheat issues which is the primary cause of lag. The most cost-effective way of encountering overheating issues is by using an external cooling device. Buy a USB fan for fixing the overheating problem in Android TV boxes. These are very simple to fit and use. Plug it into the USB port and experience the magic.

Fix 4: Use Ethernet

For enjoying all your and streaming sessions smoothly, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection or Wi-Fi. But, if there are a lot of people using that Wi-Fi, the speed will go down, and lagging is common in such cases. Ethernet cable will be a much better idea.

Getting a direct connection from the router will eliminate all the connection issues that arise in the case of WIFI. It will not buffer as happens in a low-speed connection. If possible, connect to the 5GHz band and bring the router closer to the Android TV box. The last thing you can do is use a wired connection.

Wrapping Up:

So, that was all for the guide to fix android TV box running slow. We hope this article has provided some value to you. If you want to know many new things about the amazing features of Android TV Box. Or if you are interested in other tech related information then do check here….

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