How to Flash Android TV Box with USB

Installing new firmware or flashing an Android TV box is a great way to fix some ongoing bugs or get some additional features. There are many ways to do it. Many manufacturers provide some specified tools that you can use to perform this installation. Also, you can flash Android TV box using just a USB stick to update the firmware. In this article, we are going to tell you about how to flash Android TV box with USB without using its factory reset option.

Before moving into the guide on how to flash Android TV box with USB, its important to know some basic things which are involved in flashing.

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What does Factory Resetting an Android Box Mean?

So basically the meaning of Factory Reset when used with electronic devices is, setting it back to the version it originally came with from ther factory. You can also take it as restoring it to its original settings. 

A Factory Reset is usually done to remove some bugs from the box. It removes all the settings saved on the device including apps, passwords. Factory reset is very important before you decide to exchange it with a newer device.

What do you mean by Firmware Update through Flashing?

The software installed on the Android Box that controls everything including Wi-Fi, Video, and other functionality is termed as Firmware.

Please note that, if done wrong, a forced Firmware update can make the box unusable permanently.

Flashing the Android TV box with the correct firmware version is important. Using an older version or any version that is not appropriate can have a huge impact on your Android Box.

Factory Resetting or Firmware Flashing: What are the differences?

Most of the tech savvy people use factory reset as their go-to fix for every problem in an android device. Factory reset is included with most of the devices running on android like phones and tablets as well. This process is much safer because there is no risk associated with it. On the other hand, flashing a new firmware means installing a new operating system onto android which carries a little risk with itself.

Flashing a Firmware on your Android TV box with USB should only be done if necessary. As a little mismatch in versions can brick your box permanently. If you are unable to do an automatic update. Then your only option is to flash a new firmware. Likewise, updating the Firmware is not much difficult and can be done easily by following proper instructions. Below is the detailed method to flash an Android TV box with USB.

How to know which Firmware to Flash?

When it comes to Flashing a new Firmware on your Android TV box, every manufacturer has a different way to do things. Some manufacturers may have updates and provided a download page to make the Flashing process easier while others will have no information for the process.

While it is easy to reset an Android TV box, and format all the data with a few steps. But there is a risk of permanently damaging your TV box if the Firmware version is not flashed correctly during the process.

Most of the people like to update their Android boxes to the newest Android version. In order to get all the new features. But, prior to that, be sure to read manufacturer’s website and also the user’s manual.

Try reading all the forums, guides, and websites to get the best information on your Android TV box before you begin to flash android TV box with USB.

How to Flash Android TV box with USB:

Step 1: Set Your Android TV box in Android Recovery Mode:

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  • To do that, find the reset button. It is usually, on the either side of its power-off button.
  • Hold the reset button for 8-10 seconds and when the power is” turned on,” and you see the “android logo,” let it go.
  • This will boot you into the Android recovery.

Step 2: Factory Resetting the Android TV box

When your Android TV box is in Recovery Mode, following the below steps will restore the box to its original settings erasing all the previous data inside it.

  • Select the “Wipe data/factory reset” from the options given in the Recovery mode to factory reset the box.
  • A warning box will appear with a Yes or No option. Click on the “Yes.”
  • All the previous data on the box will get erased.
  • Once the data wiping is done, select the “Reboot system now” option. it will take a while to reboot the system completely. Do not disconnect the TV box from its power supply.

Step 3: Download Firmware to USB

To flash android TV box with USB, you will need a USB stick which is completely formatted. Because using a USB stick with old data can bring complications while flashing the Firmware on the Android TV box.

  • Now connect that USB to your computer. Now using Google search or the manufacturer’s website, locate and download the correct Firmware version file for your Android TV box. 
  • Alternatively you can also use this website for the same.
  • Once you find the original Firmware version, copy it to the USB drive and insert it into your box.

Note: Ensure to download the correct firmware version for your TV box. The main reason for the Android TV box getting bricked while updating the Firmware is because of the wrong or mismatched Firmware file.

Step 4: Flash the Firmware using USB Drive:

  • On the Android TV box, go to the Recovery Mode and from the available options click on the “apply update from the SD card.”
  • Now, click on the “Firmware file” from the USB stick that you previously downloaded.
  • Once clicked, the box will start to Flash the new Firmware version to the unit
  • You will see the progress on your screen. If in case there is an error, it will show the results on the screen.
  • If there are no errors, the box will finish updating and will restart automatically. If it doesn’t, restart, you can also select the Reboot system now from the recovery options. 
  • This process can take on an average 4 to 12 minutes including the time to reboot.
  • Make sure you do not disconnect the TV box from the power outlet during the process.

With that you have successfully completed flash android TV box with USB on your box.


We hope that this guide was helpful to you, and you have learned how to flash Android TV box, with USB drive. If you face any issues while flashing your device, feel free to comment your problems. We will try to assist you in every possible way.

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