How to use SD card on Android TV Box

There are various benefits of using an SD card on an Android TV Box, the biggest being its ability to increase the storage capacity of this device. So, here we will be talking about how you can use an SD card in your Android TV Box in a very precise and step-by-step manner so that you can follow through without much effort.

You can do a lot of extra stuff on your Android TV Box with an SD card attached to your system. All from being able to store more movies and TV shows to playing video games that require a lot of space.

How to use SD card on Android TV Box

There are many ways through which you can use an SD card on an Android TV Box. But here you will find the most appropriate and easiest methods which are already tried and tested by our team. So, let’s get right into it.

Method #1: Using SD card as external storage device

In this method, we will be discussing how to use an SD card just as a simple external storage device and not a fully integrated internal storage device.

The SD card is simply an external storage device that you can use to transfer data only. But when you make it an internal storage device then it can be used to allow installation of system apps on it as well.

This can be very helpful in the long run as it can smoothen out your system performance by a lot.

  • Step 1: Properly insert your SD card into your slot.
  • Step 2: Make sure that the SD card is inserted completely in or else it can cause errors later on.
  • Step 3: After this, you will need to head over to the File Browser where you will find the SD Card
  • Step 4: Open your file browser and there it is going to show your SD card connected as an external device

And that is all that there was to it. You are now free to use your SD card as an external storage device to help boost up your Android TV Box.

If you wish to make things a bit advanced you can head over to the second method that explains how you can make this SD card and internal storage device which can later be tuned to improve your system’s performance and a lot more other feature.

Method #2: Using SD card as an Internal Storage

By using your SD card as internal storage on your Android TV Box you bring in a ton of different features as well as improve the performance of your system by a lot.

You can even then use your SD card as extra RAM which can increase your gaming performance by a lot.

Step 1: Properly connecting the SD card

  • This most important thing to put into consideration before anything.
  • Make sure you insert the SD card in the right port.
  • You need to make sure that the SD card is inserted all the way in the slot.
  • It should not be even slightly outside of the port.
  • A bulged-out card may still get read by the box but will create problems later on during actual usage.

Step 2: Setting up the SD card as internal storage

  • Ensure that your SD card is inserted all into the slot.
  • From the Home, menu head over to the Settings
  • After that, you will need to go to the Device Preferences option
  • Inside it, you will have to select the Storage
  • Now you have to identify the name of your SD card in this list and then select it
  • You will finally see the option to Set as Internal Storage
  • After selecting it you will have to wait for a few moments and you should be ready

And this was it for the method you are now ready to use your SD card on your Android TV Box without any further delay. It should display on your home menu once you reboot your system.

Benefits of using SD Card

There are plenty of different benefits of using an SD card. Here a quick list that summarizes it all for you:

  • You can use your SD card to store extra files.
  • The files can be video games, audio files, movies, or your favorite TV shows.
  • You can even install a lot of extra apps for your Android TV Box using an SD card.
  • With the help of an SD card, you can free up a lot of space on your Android TV Box which its operating system can then use to function very smoothly.
  • You can use the SD card as an extra RAM as well.
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