GE Universal Remote Codes for ROKU [Latest Guide 2023]

GE Universal Remote Codes for ROKU

Do you have a robot TV and do you want to use your G universal remote with your roku device? It is possible but you need ji universal remote code to program universal remote to roku device.

In this guide I am sharing best Ge universe remote codes for your Roku device. By using these codes you will be able to program this universal remote to your roku device.

It is good to have a universal remote for Roku as it is a popular streaming device. And if we talk about the best remote for Roku then it is GE remote from the ByJasco. The one who is willing to program his or her Ge remote to Smart Tv must have bought GE 4,6, or 8 device remote controls.

I am here providing GE remote codes for Roku box, Roku sticks, and inbuilt Roku TVs like Tck Roku Tv, Shart TV, etc.

The Ge remote codes have three lists: CL3, CL4, and CL5. You get GE Universal codes for Roku in Code list 4 (CL4) and code list 5 (CL5). Depending on the code list your remote is using, you must choose the correct code.

To confirm which code list you remote is using, open the remote cover the check the code list number.

By using the following list, you must find the correct number for programming.

GE Universal Remote Codes For ROKU

Codes for the GE Universal Remote for Roku TV (CL4)

Codes for the GE remote for the Roku stick (CL4)

  • 0903
  • 2014
  • 4395

GE remote codes list for Roku TV (CL4)

  • 6001
  • 6171

GE Universal Remote Codes List for Roku TV (CL5)

GE remote codes codes for Roku (CL5)

  • 2013
  • 4395
  • 0903

GE Universal remote codes for SHARP ROKU TV

  • 6001
  • 6251

GE Universal remote codes for TCL ROKU TV (CL5)

  • 6171

when you program the Sharp Roku TV and TCL Roku Tv, use the specific codes given in the above list.

No need to be a technocrat, to program GE remote to Roku device. By using above Ge codes, you can simply use the above codes and program GE remote to the Roku device.

Program Roku Using GE Remote Codes

  • Turn on Your TV.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button on your GE universal remote until the red light turns ON.
  • To program GE remote to Roku device, you need to press the TV button on the GE remote or the Streaming device button on the GE remote.
  • Enter the four-digit code for your Samsung TV from the list given above using the number keys. The red LED right indicates that you have entered the right code.
  • Test all the buttons on your GE universal remote pointing to your Roku TV, Roku stick or Roku box to test the code.
  • If Roku is responding properly, then you have successfully paired up remote with TV.

If TV is not responding properly, try to program it with different remote code from the list.

Which device button should I press when programming Roku with GE Universal remote?

As we know that there are different types of button on the GE remote control. So if you want to program GE Universal Remote with in-built Roku TVs such as Sharp Roku TV, TCL Roku TV, etc, then you should use the “TV” device button on your GE Universal remote control to program it to Roku device.

On the other hand, if you are willing to program GE universal remote with the Roku stick or Roku streaming box, you should consider pressing “Strm” button on the GE Universal Remote Control. Strm depicts the media streaming devices. So always keep in mind this difference while you program any Roku device with a GE Universal Remote.

What to do when I enter the Wrong Remote code?

It may be possible that code entry failed, you can attempt again to program GE Universal Remote to Roku device. But before that, remove the Remote’s battery for 2-3 minutes and insert back in it then try to program the GE remote with the steps given in this article.

For in-built Roku TV other than Sharp Roku TV and TCL Roku TV, you can use the above given CL4 or CL5 GE remote code for Roku. Those should work fine for you.

Can I Use the GE universal remote with my smart TV too along with Roku?

If you are using GE 4 remote, then you can program 3 additional devices with it. The number of devices that you can program with your GE remote is totally depends on the type of GE remote you are using. GE 4 remote can operate up to 4 devices, GE6 can handle up to 6 devices and GE8 is capable to operate up to 8 devices. You can program device with your GE remote as per its capability of handling devices.


If you have a GE universal remote, chances are good that it will be compatible with your Roku device.

By using the right codes, you can easily program your remote to control your Roku TV or player. In this article, we’ve provided a list of codes that you can use to get started.

If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.

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