15 Best Retro Emulators for Android TV box

One of the major components that the gamers usually use is the emulator. The emulators are basically an application or a hardware device which can mimic the host computer onto your device with which it is connected. Due to this very feature, emulators are used for gaming in Android TV box where the connected consoles will behave the similar way, allowing gamers to play without any difficulty.

Several types of emulators are there in the market, out of which is the retro emulators which have become the most popular one. Retro emulators allow you to have the master control on the consoles, thereby helping you to play the games seamless. Here we have discussed the top fifteen such emulators that you should take a look at.

1# Commodore 64 Emulator

One of the most popular retro emulators that you will find in the market is the Commodore 64 emulator. It can work with different OS like the Mac OS, Windows, and even with Raspberry Pi, allowing the gamers to play the games across several devices. Not only it is one of the most affordable emulators present in the market but they are also quite functional. It can also be connected with the HDMI port, which will allow you to view the high resolution screens.

2# EPSXe (Play Station Emulator)

Regardless of the Playstation you are using, the best emulator that you will get in the market is that of the EPSxe. Thanks to all the built-in plugins included in this emulator, you will have enough independence for choosing the best methods for the sound quality, the GPU, and also the hardware with which you want to play the games. It can be used to play several games across the PlayStation, thereby allowing you to have the best gaming experience ever.

3# Game Boy Advance Emulator GBA EMU

This particular emulator from GameBoy has become quite famous in the recent years, thanks to its flexible functionality and amazing formation. It is perfect for Android TV boxes of any kind, which is why you can easily play the games on the console. Developed by Deimos Applications, this retro emulator will never let you down. It will allow you master control of the consoles, and you will be able to play a wide range of game without any hassle.

4# Game Boy Advance GBA (2) Emulator

Made from Android TV boxes, you will be able to play some of the best games on your console with this GBA emulator. This will allow you the master control of the host machine, thereby giving you access to high definition screen and amazing sound quality. All you need to do is download this particular software and then get started with the games. Just be sure that the systems are connected well, and the emulator is downloaded in your system before using it.

5# Gameboy (Color) Emulator

This particular emulator will help you play all the Game Boy Color games on a wide range of Android TV boxes without any hassle. You will find several advanced features in this retro emulator which will help you enjoy the best gaming experience ever. All the details of the hardware will be impersonated with accuracy. There will be no distortion in the media or the sound quality which will help you play the games easily.

6# Sega Mega Drive EMU and Sega Genesis Emulator

If you usually are into the Sega Genesis games, this particular emulator will help you in playing the games with a master control on the host machine. This way, you will have access to two different consoles, and hence the gaming experience will simply get better. Apart from this, the emulator comes with several sensors which will help you to enjoy the screen resolution and other attributes as per your requirement.

7# N64 Plus EMU (Nitendo 64)

N64 Plus EMU is amazing for playing every kind of Nitendo games on any kind of Android TV box. This way you won’t have any restriction on the device choice and will be able to enjoy your games. It has amazing sensors which will help you adjust the screen as per your convenience. The best thing about this particular emulator is that you won’t have to switch between the different consoles while playing the game.

8# NES (Nitendo Entertainment System) Emulator

Not every emulator can allow you to play the games on the Nitendo system. This is why you will need this emu which is quite compatible with allowing you play the Nitendo based games without any hassle. It will be perfect for both Mac and Android OS and hence, you will have the flexibility to choose the host system as per your convenience.

9# SNES EMU (Super Nitendo Entertainment system) PSP Emulator

The SNES PSP emulator can be regarded as the advanced version of the NES emu and hence, you must give this a chance. The SNES is built on modern emulator technology with tons of sensors like motion sensors, tilt sensors and others for changing the gaming interface automatically. With this particular emulator, you will be able to play a lot of games without any hassle. Just make sure you have the software downloaded in your system so that you won’t have to face any problem accessing the master host machine.

10# Drastic

Drastic is another amazing emulator in the market. Thanks to its advanced features, this particular emu has become quite popular in the recent years. With Drastic you will be able to play any kind of video game after you have established control over the master host machine. Drastic might have a complex interface. But it’s features will definitely leave your astounded.

11# MyBoy

MyBoy is one of the most popular names in the emu software category. It will allow you play different games from various makers, including the Game Boy. This is why it’s said to be extremely versatile and suitable for gamers who always look for playing high-quality games.

12# My Oldboy

My OldBoy is one of the best retro emulators with which you will be able to play different games belonging to the Game Boy and Game Boy Colors group. You can play the games on any kind of Android TV box irrespective of the version or model. The best thing about this emulator is its accuracy and precision with which it impersonates the real hardware. Apart from this, several sensors are present in My OldBoy which will help you in playing the games effectively like tilt sensors.

13# Muphen64

Muphen64 is a new player in the market. But, thanks to the set of amazing and advanced features, the software has gained a lot of appreciation from its users in the recent time. If you are planning to play games on multiple devices, this is the perfect emulator you have got for yourself.


The last emulator that we will discuss here is the PPSSPP which has become one of the most chosen emulators in the market. With this, you will be able to access the host machine running on any kind of Android TV box.


Here, we have mentioned the best fifteen emulators that you can have for playing different games, starting from the normal and basic ones to the further advanced games.

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