How to Set up a VPN for Sony Smart TV

Considered as a trendsetter in the television industry, Sony Smart TVs offer its users convenient operation. These TVs come packed with a broad range of Android apps that you can download easily from the Google Play Store. Sony TVs have always remained at the top of improvements in the television world, giving its users the best features and the highest standard of picture clarity that an Android TV can offer.

However, no matter how advanced the Sony Smart TV is, some contents become impossible to stream due to geological constraints. But the big news is that subscribing to a trustworthy VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection can clear such roadblocks letting you stream a wide variety of contents on your Sony TV from different geographical locations. Read on as we have provided below some of the easy steps to install a Virtual Private Network for your Sony smart TV.

How to Setup a VPN for Sony Smart TV

Method #1: VPN Installation Via an App

One of the most reliable means to install a VPN on your Sony Smart TV is via an app. For this, your smart TV needs to support downloading of apps. Follow the easy steps given below to install the VPN:

  • Buy a trusted VPN subscription such as BulletVPN.
  • Now, go to the Google Play Store and download the BulletVPN app on your Sony Smart TV.
  • Start the BulletVPN app on your Sony TV and sign in to it using your credentials.
  • Play your preferred content by selecting your preferred server location.
  • Click on Connect.
  • Just wait for some time, and your VPN will get installed.

Method #2: VPN Installation Via Router Configuration

Installing a VPN on your router enables you to stream all the contents from all your devices, including Sony Smart TV connected to the router- quickly and conveniently at home in one go. Follow our simple steps given below to install the VPN on your router:

  • Go to the URL bar and enter your router’s IP address
  • Now sign in to the administrator page by entering your username and password.
  • Depending on the firmware version, you need to set up your desired VPN on your router (steps may differ slightly).
  • Go to the advanced, and click on Advanced Setup. Here click Enable VPN Service.
  • Now sign in to your VPN account and enter the given credentials.
  • After that, enable the VPN.
  • Once the process is completed, you will enjoy a secured VPN protection across all the devices connected to your router’s network, including your Sony Smart TV.

Note: To carry out the above steps, you will need a VPN account and a VPN-compatible router for your desired VPN service.

Method #3: VPN Set Up by Using Your Windows PC (Windows 10)

This method doesn’t allow you to establish a VPN connection on your Sony Smart TV. But connecting your TV by installing a VPN on your Windows 10 PC gives you all the advantages and features of a VPN connection. Follow the simple and easy steps given below:

  • Install a good-quality VPN on your Windows 10 computer or laptop. We recommend you to employ the ExpressVPN service since this VPN allows you to stream a variety of content from different locations, such as the USA, with excellent streaming speeds.
  • Once installation is finished, open your computer’s search bar (present at the bottom left of your computer screen) and type “Mobile hotspot settings.”
  • Now, switch on the “Mobile hotspot” by turning the small switch (that will change to blue) to Activate it. Ensure to remember the “Mobile hotspot” network name and the password displayed on the screen to connect your Sony Smart TV.
  • Using the login credentials from step no 3, Connect your Sony Smart TV to the “Mobile hotspot” you had created on your computer. 
  • Thus, experience the benefits of the trusted VPN on your Sony Smart TV to display a wide variety of contents from various geographical locations with ease.

Best VPNs for Sony Smart TV


ExpressVPN is considered one of the most trusted VPN that you would want to set up on your Sony Smart TV. Expanded across 94 countries, the company has 160 server locations with dedicated 24/7/365 customer care assistance for all its customers. This brand grants you access to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and much more streaming content for all the regions


BulletVPN offers you a Sony Smart TV compatible app for more accessible streaming capabilities. This VPN service provider also provides you a Smart DNS feature to enjoy unlimited streaming- if your TV does not support the BulletVPN app. BulletVPN is well scattered across 51 countries and has more than 124 server locations to access its excellent streaming capabilities

Unlocator VPN

The hybrid Unlocator VPN service provider supports both the Smart DNS and VPN at the same time distributed across 41+ countries. They offer high-speed servers for UltraHD streaming but remember, not all of their servers are fast. The best stuff you will mark about this VPN service is its 7-day free trial offer that only requires your email address and not the details of a credit card

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