Android TV Box Channel List: Enjoy Now

Android has become a unified & universally accepted operating system for many devices, creating an eco-system of its own. With the help of android, televisions that used to be simply for watching on-air shows, have become smart TVs. TVs, that can stream whatever you want to watch. But, buying a decent Smart-TV, which is equally good in size, might dig a hole in the pocket of many potential buyers. So, to avoid paying those extra pennies, developers created a simpler solution called “Android TV box” (Learn How to Choose the Right Android Tv Box).

Android TV Box Channel List

These boxes can be connected to any ordinary TV, and facilitate it with multiple smart features. Including features like app support, online streaming, internet access, and whatnot. This enabled users to create an almost replica of mid-range smart TVs, creating havoc in the smart television segment.

What is an Android TV Box?

What is Android TV Box

Android TV box is more like a set-up box. The only difference is that it enables your TV to connect with the internet. It runs on an operating system called “Android,” which enables your television to install apps and enjoy android features. The Android BOX is available in two different variants. Where one is like a complete set-up box, and the other works like a dongle, which you can directly connect to your television. Android Box converts your television into a well-versed smart-device, that supports many apps and channels you can watch on your TV anytime.

Is it Possible to Watch Live TV using Android TV Box?

Do you know, many people across the world have discontinued their existing cable connection for watching television? That is because, most of the popular channels like BBC, HBO, etc. stream live on Smart TVs that too for free. All you need is a working internet subscription, and that’s pretty much it.

So, the answer to that question is, “yes” Android TV boxes do support live streaming of many popular channels including genres like news, movies, drama, etc. But if you want to watch live channels on your android box, you will have to install some necessary tools. Because these boxes are not pre-installed with supported apps unless they are provided by your internet provider with apps pre-installed.

Android TV Box Channel List:

If you are worried that the android box may not support that many channels in comparison to classic cable connections. Then you are entirely wrong, an android box can support as many channels as your cable would, if not even more. We will explain a detailed Android TV box channel list that you can enjoy from. But first, let’s learn how you will be able to watch these channels on your Android Box.

Watching Live channels on the Android TV box is very easy. All you have to do is, follow a simple process, and you are good to go. First of all, you must install KODI to get access to thousands of free Android TV box channel list and other live streaming platforms.

What is KODI?

KODI is a free open-source media streaming platform, which is developed by the KODI foundation. Users can use KODI on multiple platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, OSX, etc. It comes with a specially designed graphical interface, which is perfect for televisions. Although there are no pre-activated media streaming services in KODI. Users can manually unlock the doors to unlimited entertaining services for free. You can use it to watch the latest movies, live television channels, or anything available on the internet.

KODI add-ons to watch Live Channels:

The most vital function of using KODI is its access to very useful add-ons. These add-ons are packaging that will add special features to the overall application. Users will get add-ons for watching movies, series, live streaming sports channels, and whatnot. Here only a handful of add-ons are developed by KODI, while the rest are done by third-party developers. Below are some of the best add-ons for KODI for accessing hundreds of working Android TV box channel list:

  • cCloud TV:

cCloud is developed and managed by a group of programmers that are into live streaming. It supports many live channels from the US & UK including channels like BBC, HBO Live, etc. It works like alike IPTV, but with advanced features and a vast library of channels. The service comes with decent android TV box channel list, where it offers 20 + categories including live sports and news channels.

  • ZEM TV:

ZEM TV is another great add-on popular for its lag-free live streaming services with acces to many android TV box channel list. ZEM TV is perfect for users who belong to Asia. As the database offers many regional, and country-based live channels.

  • USTVNow Plus:

As the name suggests, this add-on is famous for providing multiple American live channels. It also offers a subscription service, where users can avail themselves more channels including History, ESPN, Fox-News, CBS, NB, etc. that totals to 28 channels. Whereas, its free version also offers few android TV box channel list with 6 prominent genres including news, and movies.

  • Achilles TV:

If you are more into global news and stuffs like that, then using Achilles TV is perfect for you. It has access to channels like ABC News, Sky News, etc. You can download this add-on from the KODI repository.

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