Top 3 Guidelines for Joining Esports

Esports is professional competitive gaming for those who have yet to learn what it is. It’s a fairly recent way to earn income by excelling at your preferred game. Esports enthusiasts worldwide tune in each year to watch their favorite

Why Purchasing a Gaming Phone is Worth The Investment

(Image via Alongside diving into the array of viewable products on a Firestick and listening to the latest tunes through streaming services like Spotify, more and more of us use our smartphone devices for entertainment purposes. Mobile gaming is

4 Best Android Phones to Play Online Games

4 Best Android Phones to Play Online Games

You’ve just bought a brand new smartphone. You’re excited to try out all its features, but then you realize there’s one thing missing: games. If you want to play the latest Android games on your phone and experience the new

Games that are Best Played on Mobile

10 Games that are Best Played on Mobile

With each release of the latest and greatest mobile devices, we are getting closer to having current or last generation console quality in our hands. Given where the platform came from, that is truly impressive. Additionally, with development platforms offering

8 Worthwhile Video Games to Play on a MacBook

As a MacBook owner, you should not disregard the idea of playing video games on your computer. Even if Macs are inferior to gaming computers and consoles, there are still plenty of great titles that you can enjoy. Besides, since

5 Best PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, or PUBG, has resurfaced as a hot topic, with reports of it being banned at many places around the world, including certain Indian states. This battle royale game has become so popular that individuals are divorcing over it,

Cold War Demolition Tips and Tricks Guide

In season 5, reloaded, the classic Demolition round became an integral part of the game. It is the biggest attraction to players who love bomb planting and diffusing scenarios. Improvised field upgrades, impressive score-streaks, and lethal weapons made this mode