Youtube Not working on Vizio Smart TV: Fixed

Youtube is one of the best platforms for learning anything new or watching your favourite creator videos. Vizio Smart Tv provides you a best experience in terms of large screen and very good sound quality. But sometimes some users face an error in Youtube on Vizio Smart TV. As, Youtube doesn’t work properly on their Vizio Smart Tv. So, just follow these Simple steps of some solutions and youtube will work fine on your Vizio smart tv.

Sol.(1) Restart Your Vizio Smart Tv by Unplugging

  1. Turn off your Vizio smart Tv.
  2. Remove the plug of your Tv from the power outlet
  3. Restart your modem too by plugging it out and plugging in after 1 minutes. .
  4. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes before plugging in the Tv.
  5. Now Plug in your Tv into your power outlet and Turn it ON.
  6. Connect to your Wifi Network.
  7. Now launch the Youtube Application, it will be working fine.

Sol.(2) Network Problem

Youtube errors can occur on screen because of your network connection problem. First of all check your network connection and give it a restart and connect your smart tv with the network again. Check your speed or place the router closer to your tv. Internet connection can resolve your problem. Maybe you will need a high speed internet connection if your speed is too low.

Relaunch the Youtube app on your smart tv and check it.Your problem will be solved and if it doesn’t follow other solutions.

Sol.(3) Clearing Cache on Your Vizio Smart Tv

Vizio Smart Tv comes with a limited storage and it can be possible that the youtube cache is taking so much space and because of this reason your smart tv is not working properly. You need to clear the cache for youtube to work properly on your Vizio smart tv.

Follow these steps to clear the cache

  • Turn on your Vizio tv
  • Press Menu button on the remote
  • Select settings from the menu and select Reset & Admin option.
  • Check for Clear memory and press it.
  • The next thing is select Factory Defaults.
  • It will ask for a pin, Enter 0000(default pin).

Now the cache is cleared. Relaunch the Youtube app now.

Sol.(4) Checking for Updates

  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio smart Tv remote control.
  • It will open TV settings where you can see many options regarding audio,video,network and many others
  • Select System option.
  • After clicking on system Option. You will see Check for Updates on the top. Select it.
  • Update your smart Tv.
  • Launch the Youtube app after updating the VIzio smart tv.

Sol.(5) Factory Reset Your Vizio smart Tv

  • Keep this step as your last option.
  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio smart Tv remote control.
  • It will open TV settings where you can see many options regarding audio,video,network and many others
  • Select System option.
  • You will see a Reset & Admin option at the bottom. Select it.
  • After this click on ‘Reset to factory Setting’ Option and a small popup window will open for Confirmation.
  • Select Reset option from this.
  • It will take some time and after that relaunch the application.

Sol.(6) Signing in with Different Account

Sometimes there are problems with a particular account on these apps which makes them slow or not opening stuff. So,the best solutions for these problems are to use a different account or you can try signing in again with the same account after sign out.

Follow these steps to do it properly Sign out from the current account

  • Open youtube on your tv.
  • Go to settings and search for the sign out option in the bottom.
  • Click on the sign out option.
  • After signing out, open the Youtube app and it will ask for sign in.
  • Fill other Google account details and Sign in.

These are the solutions for resolving the Youtube app not working on Vizio smart tv problem. Try these solutions if one doesn’t work for you try other and do tell us about the solution which works for you. Do comment down if you face any other problems. We will try our best to provide you the solution in the next article.

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