5 Reasons why Kodi Streamers should use a VPN

5 Reasons why Kodi Streamers should use a VPN

When using Kodi, has it ever occurred to you why you may need a Kodi VPN? With things like overbearing government agencies, powerful anti-piracy consortia, and vast privacy violations happening globally, having a VPN is more necessary than ever. 

VPNs are particularly essential when using Kodi. This article will outline some compelling reasons to employ a VPN with Kodi on your streaming device. 

What is a VPN for Kodi?

“Kodi VPN” does not refer to an add-on or a VPN provider. Instead, it relates to a VPN service that can be used alongside Kodi. A Kodi VPN works in conjunction with Kodi and is not a pre-installed Kodi software. 

What will a VPN do?

A virtual private network, VPN, will encrypt and direct your device’s network traffic via a proxy server. All of your web surfing, streams, downloads, and uploads appear to be sent to a single proxy server, and it is all protected. It regards you as being from the region of the private network that you selected on the receiver side of the web application that you are surfing from.

Reasons for Kodi Streamers to use a VPN

Now, what does all of the information mentioned above have to do with Kodi? If you are a cord-cutter, you are undoubtedly aware of the numerous options available for streaming. 

You have probably found the magic formula of video on demand, Kodi. Kodi is an open-source media player application that can work on any device and paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others.

It is a rudimentary media player that allows you to play local media content and stream video via a few official add-ons. When you begin to look at unauthorized add-ons, though, a whole new realm of unlimited streaming content is unlocked. 

Unofficial add-ons are created by individuals who are not affiliated with the Kodi core group yet create add-ons meant to operate with Kodi. However, it depends on whether or not you want to download such add-ons and what you will do with them. With that in consideration, here are five reasons why Kodi streamers should use a VPN:

1. Keep Your Internet Service Provider’s Eyes off Your Activity

Allowing your ISP to observe and track what you are watching and from where is a bad idea. It is recommended that you install a VPN if you use unauthorized Kodi add-ons to access free TV episodes and movies. 

Setting up a Kodi VPN encrypts all data entering and leaving your Kodi system. The information and origin of your Web traffic are so hidden from your ISP’s prying eyes. 

This rationale is more significant than ever, with ISPs issuing notifications to people downloading pirated content and US governmental legislation permitting ISPs to sell your surfing information.

2. Safety against Ransomware

Since you are so focused on downloading a third-party add-on, you nearly ignore that these add-ons are prone to having spyware or viruses. Once this spyware infiltrates your system, all your data is at risk. 

Getting a VPN is the greatest approach to protect yourself against malware. A Kodi VPN will prevent malware from infiltrating your device, whether it comes in the form of an extension or not.

3. Exposure to Geo-restricted Content 

Certain Kodi broadcasting sites may be geo-blocked, which means they will only deliver broadcasts to users from a specific country. With a VPN, you may select a server in any nation you want, and those services will treat you as if you live in that country, serving relevant content.

4. Improved Streaming Speed

VPNs are well-known for slowing your bandwidth. However, why do we claim that it aids in rapid streaming? The truth is that when you watch content for free, your ISP throttles your speed, causing you to experience buffering troubles. 

You can, therefore, disguise your internet activities from your ISP if you are using a VPN. They will never know if you are streaming anything, whether it is free or not. They will not be able to limit your bandwidth if they do not see what you are viewing.

5. Access Live TV 

There are Movies and Television Series add-ons for Kodi, and there are Live Television add-ons for streaming live TV networks from around the globe. These programs are geo-restricted, even though they are free to watch. 

Suppose you want to watch stations from another state while in another country. You will need a VPN. After linking to that country’s network, you will be given access to that stream.

Final Thoughts 

Using Kodi for streaming usually does not necessitate a VPN. However, you will need a VPN if you wish to stay safe and encrypt your IP address during your online activities. It will encrypt your traffic, hence keeping it safe from prying eyes. 

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