Where is the Power Button on My Vizio TV? (with images)

In the last couple of years, Television designs have revolutionized in a very high speed. If you have purchased the Vizio TV recently, you can clearly notice that power button is not easily visible and clearly labelled power button.

If you are unable to find the remote and want to start the Vizio TV, it is going to be a big headache for you to find power button on your TV.

Where Is the Power Button on My Vizio TV?

The power button in new models of Vizio TV is located at the lower right side, near the HDMI ports. If we talk about the older versions of Vizio TV, power button is located at the left side of the bezel or on the front, bottom left corner of the bezel.

However, every Vizio Tv comes with a manual power button, you just need to make few efforts to find it.

How to Find the Power Button on Different Vizio TVs

We have written this guide to easily find the power button on the different Vizio Tv models. You just need to follow simple steps given below.

Vizio TVs Made before 2015

Before the evolution of the TV sets, it was damn easy to locate the power button in Televisions. If you are using a Vizio Tv which is few years old, you are most probably find the power button in these following places:

1. If you stand facing the TV screen, on the front of the frame which is called bezel, look at the bottom left corner.

vizio tv power button front bezel

2. Stand facing the TV screen, check on the left side of the bezel.

vizio tv power button left side of the tv

In the old version of Vizio Tv, it is very easy to see the buttons. If you don’t see them with open eyes, you can locate them easily by feeling around the bezel with your fingers.

It will be easy to feel because company didn’t make much effort to conceal buttons in the older Vizio TV designs.

Vizio TVs Made 2015 to Present

We have commonly seen that the newer version of Vizio Tv have buttons which are hard to locate, very small and difficult to use.  

It becomes very frustrating when are watching something and try to use these buttons. You need to get up from your seat every time.

I highly recommend you replace your lost or broken remote. Thus you can avoid using power buttons on an ongoing basis.

If you still want to find the power button in your Vizio Tv, then follow the steps given below:-

  1. Stand facing your TV.
  2. Now put your hand at the bottom right corner.
  3. Move your hand around to the back side of the TV, just beneath the HDMI ports.
  4. You can spot power button right there.
vizio power button right back side of the tv

If your Tv is mounted against the wall, or tucked into a tight spot, the above method will help you finding the power button in no time. It’s simpler than moving the Tv around and craning the neck to see with your eyes where the power button is exactly located at.

Vizio TV Power Buttons Explained

You have used fingers to find the buttons on your Vizio TV. Let’s know about them. What are working of them?

If you get success to see the button behind your Tv, then you will be able to see the separate icon on each button. There are usually three buttons and each one has different purpose.

  • The top button is the Vizio Tv power button.
  • The middle button is a volume control button
  • The bottom button enables you change the TV’s input source.

(Note: Some Vizio Tv models comes only with power button.)

It is clear that buttons on the Vizio TV aren’t designed to be used all the time.

Rather, users should rely on the remote control which is a simple and easy way to control the functioning of the TV.

In case, you lose your remote, button work fine.

Alternative Method – Visio SmartCast App

Vizio Smartcast app is available to download on both Google play store and Apple App Store. Using this app, you can control your Vizio Tv with your smartphone only.

The foremost requirement to control Tv via this app is that your mobile and Tv should be connected over the same wifi connection.

Once you get habitual of controlling Tv through mobile, it becomes fun and you don’t want to use the remote any more.

It is just because it’s easy to handle Tv with smartphone. No need to find remote every time you want to watch something on TV. Just run the app in your phone and start controlling TV.

Final Words: –

If you are determined to find the power button on Vizio TV then it won’t take longer to you locate it. Just look back side of the TV. You will find it below the HDMI and input ports.

Users most probably find the button on Tv, when they lose the remote. Make sure you have one more remote for such kind of situations.

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