What is the Difference between an IPTV Box and an Android TV Box?

Although smartphones have occupied a big place in our life, standard televisions are still in use. However, gone those days when people used to pay cable owners for viewing channels on their TV. This has become possible after the arrival of set-top boxes and dish TVs.

Besides, smart android TVs have revolutionized the way people used to watch them. Now, the combination of the set-top box and smart TV gives you a different kind of experience. This article will help you know those things that you never thought would have been possible on TV.

Let us see the difference between two of the most known set-top variety- IPTV box and Android TV box here. However, before that, we must explore some basic knowledge about them first.

What is an IPTV box?

IPTV or formally called the “Internet Protocol Television”, helps in broadcasting content on television by using an online internet connection. IPTVs do not require the use of any cable or satellite connectivity and still enables your standard TVs to present video content in a viewable format.

When compared to simple cable or satellite TV, they only show the broadcasted content, where broadcasters send the signal and viewers receive them.

IPTV works on a completely different and complex methodology. It uses your internet connection to display shows and movies on the TV screen. They can be viewed in the highest possible quality. This box comes in three variants including “video on demands”, “time-shifted TV”, and “IP simulcasting”.

We called it complex because it demands a proper storage system for all the videos that you want to view. It offers a web interface where you can select the programs you wish to see. After selecting the program, the user can encode that in a viewable format. The best part is, you can watch what you choose instead of seeing hundreds of broadcast contents.

What is an Android TV Box?

On the other hand, Android TV boxes are much easier to operate. They work similarly to your smartphone. Where you can download plenty of 3rd party applications in one go.

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The best thing about Android boxes is their potential. It not only allows you to watch your favorite shows but you can also play games, music, and view streaming content without any issues. It comes at a cheaper cost in comparison to an IPTV.

Major Difference between IPTV Box and Android TV Box

No doubt, both are unique in their way, and both the boxes serve a different purpose. Below are some of the major differences between an IPTV Box and an Android TV Box. This will help you in deciding which one to buy:

  • Price:

Android TV boxes are cheaper as we already told. Where the Quad-core TV boxes are the most popular ones right now. Whereas IPTV boxes will cost you more than any average android box, there are only a handful of successful IPTV boxes.

  • Usage:

IPTV offers great clarity, but if you are looking for options. Then the android box comes with multiple app support.

  • Features:

With IPTV, you can enjoy live streaming seamlessly. On the other hand, the Android box may not run so smoothly so satisfactory performance cannot be expected.

  • Streaming Options:

IPTV programs provide access to more than 100 TV stations, seamlessly without any lag. Whereas, Android TV box lets you see a plethora of TV programs. But, after installing additional dependencies like KODI, etc. which are not so reliable.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to get something extra, Android TV will be the ideal choice. But for limited and better quality, your first preference should be IPTV.

So, these were some of the major differences between an IPTV Box and an Android TV box. If you think we missed out on some of the other main differences do let us know in the comment section below. You can also comment on what is your preferred TV Box.

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