Warzone 2023 Top 5 Tips to Win

Warzone 2022 Top 5 Tips to Win

After long anguish from players worldwide, Call of Duty; Warzone2.0 is published. More than one hundred million players flocked from various places of the world to get a taste of the latest version of COD. Every player wants to experience this sequence of free-to-play royale games; though there are some key alterations in the gameplay, the essence of it remains unaltered. Many veteran players have devoted themselves to finding a few tricks and strategies that can help them to win the game. So here are a few of them to be a better Warzone 2022 player.

Know the terrain

The location of the landing is variable at the beginning of the game. As the inbuilt short scene starts displaying as the game starts, you can watch the map screen where the match will take place. This will give you a presumption where the players are likely to land and identify the spot as it approaches. As your self-assurance develops, you can tailor tactics to this aspect. If you dislike a frenzied gunfight, then opt for remote terrain where you may find some useful gear. Otherwise, you can opt for the “trial by fire” approach, where you learn close contact combat skills advantageous in a crowded place like the Observatory. It is your choice to select a location as a squad. On other side, to gain more edge over enemies, use Warzone 2 aimbot that gives you fatal firing power and precision aim. It comes with velocity prediction, so you can shoot a moving target like a sitting duck. 

Adopt parachute technique 

As the first sequence of Warzone hits the shelf, players figure out a head start in the contest. As you dive from the plane, you can pop the parachute to inhibit your fall. But you can cut the cable as many times as you like to drop down again and re-pop the parachute multiple times. You can use this technique as many times as you wish. As you plunge, opening the parachute and snapping the cable escalates the speed and throws you ahead forcefully. This facilitates covering more ground and land in the desired location.

Use cash 

As you accomplish several assignments, you earn cash as a reward. The more difficult the task more the reward. But in some contracts, there is no cash recompense, while in others, there are tons of it. Either way, do not be meager with the cash. There is no bonus for holding cash, so use it judiciously at Buy Stations identified on the map. Buy some lethal weapons such as precision airstrikes and mortar strikes with other weapons and armor. 

Cash is important in the game, as in life, but better if you know the priority before you spend it. As said, weapons are a determining factor; you and your squad must be armed with primary weapons; there are tailor-made guns that can be purchased once at a time. It is like putting a glove in your hand; select a gun that goes with your personality. You can access full Loadouts when these are airdropped in the middle of a match. Groups fight each other vigorously as the arms and ammunition boxes are free for all. You and your teammates might run after these perk packages as they contain Fast Hands by default, which makes weapon swapping and reloading smooth. The Overkill class allows one to access two top-notch guns simultaneously. 


Configure the gaming platform, whether PC or laptop, for optimized performance in warzone 2. Alter the mouse or controller sensitivity that allows seamless movement, as a fraction of a second difference takes toil in your game life. An ADS multimeter allows you to increase or decrease the sensitivity of gadgets that helps you to aim a target at a distance. Mute the game background music as it distracts you and obscures the enemy footfalls and other critical sounds.

Take contracts 

If you are apprehensive about the price tag of primary weapons, there is a way to earn cash; the contracts. There are varied types of contracts available to you; bounties, secure Intel, safecracker, and most wanted. In bounty, you have to locate a specific player within a small radius; you have to kill the person within the given time. If you accomplish the mission, you are rewarded with cash. Even if some other players kill the target, you get a small reward, so there is no harm in taking up these contracts.

In safecracker, you have to break open a stated safe filled with money. After completion, you get the loot and cash incentive. In Secure Intel, you have to grab a piece of Intel and transport it to another location and broadcast it. In the process, you need to stay still for a while in the open till the next command comes. In most wanted, you are the target of kill for everyone on the map for three minutes. You need to endure these attacks for the period if you not only get a cash reward but retrieve any dead team member in the game. 

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