How to Update MXQ Box Firmware Manually

MXQ tv box is used for streaming on a big screen (TV). This allows us to stream any show or you can use your tv as an android tv. Your android tv box runs on firmware. Firmware is software that manages your android tv box. It makes your hardware work properly and all other things such as wifi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. It tells the hardware what to do while given commands from the remote.

MXQ tv box is a nice alternative for streaming on your tv. But it has a problem that it doesn’t come with updates. It is a big problem when you see that you cant update your firmware. It has many drawbacks as some apps will not work on older firmware So, you have to update your firmware manually.

In this article, I am gonna tell you about some steps for updating your firmware manually on an mxq box. Read the article carefully and follow the steps. Firmware is different on every android tv box. It is different from the operating system.

Why do We Need to Update?

Firmware updates increase the performance of the hardware and results in faster processing. Updating firmware is also required because sometimes the apps don’t work on your device and this problem can be resolved by updating the firmware. It also allows you to do new things like streaming other apps and surfing fastly. It generally increases the hardware performance.

Updating the Firmware on Mxq Box Manually

You will need an external USB drive for updating the firmware. For downloading the latest firmware you have to go to the manufacturer’s website. Look for your particular model firmware updates (look for this carefully).

Follow These Methods for Updating –

1. This is the basic method for updating the firmware of a TV box. First, try this method for updating your MX tv box.

  • Download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website and save it to the USB drive(root directory).
  • Connect the  USB drive to your tv box.
  • Open Settings(of the tv box) on your tv.
  • Look for the System option in Settings and select it.
  • Select the System Upgrade option.
  • Select the USB drive from this.
  • Then you will see that your tv box will start upgrading, wait for it to be complete.
  • After the completion, tv will restart itself
  • Restart your tv box too, and after these steps, your tv box is updated with the latest firmware.

If this method doesn’t work for your mxq tv box, then don’t worry we have another method for you.

2. This Method is Particularly for Updating MXQ TV Box Firmware

You will need a computer for this and a cable to connect your tv box to the computer.

  • Download the software for the mxq tv box on your computer.
  • Turn off the android tv box and keep on pressing the reset button.
  • You have to press the reset button until the update is completed.
  • Download the USB burning tool on your pc and connect your tv box to the computer.
  • Instal the tool.
  • You will see a screen on your computer and click on the file menu, select the import image option.
  • locate the firmware file and click on upload.
  • You will see an ‘overstock key’ on the right side, there will be a tick on this key, remove the tick by clicking on it.
  • Now press the start button(on the top right corner).
  • After completion, click on the stop button.
  • You can now release the reset button from the box.
  • Plug your tv box again and switch it on, Now your tv box is updated with the latest firmware.

This is the method for updating mxq box firmware. Follow this and feel free to comment down below if you face any problems. We will love to solve your problem. Do comment down for any other tv box-related problems.

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