How to Unroot Android TV Box

You will be getting the step by step guide on how to unroot Android TV Box. This is a simple way to unroot android devices like TV box, smartphone, and Tablet. Due to security concern mostly apps check for the root condition of our device. If it is rooted they block us to use that app.

This guide will walk you through the process of removing the traces of root permissions from your device so you will be able to use the apps which are not compatible with the Android root modifications.


The purpose of this article is to remove the root traces from the Android TV box or you can say unroot Android TV box because of unsupportive nature of some apps to rooted devices.

A user should keep in mind that some Android TV boxes have by default root selector option to active or deactivate it. Root and unroot should be done very proper care otherwise it can damage the device itself.

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Step by Step Process to Unroot Android TV Box using Simply Unroot

We will be using a simple app to unroot android tv box. This is the simplest method I know to perform this action. App helps in bypassing many technical steps. So let’s get started with it.

Step 1. Download Simply Unroot App from Google playstore.

Step 2. Install it and run.

Step 3. Grant it permissions so it can work properly.

Step 4. Press the Unroot button.

Step by Step Process to Unroot Android TV Box using SUPERSU

A person can perform unroot on android device using Supersu. The app interface has the option to perform this action. If the app becomes compatible on the installed system, it can easily work. However if you find any problem in unroot, it has to be done manually.

You need to have right firmware as per your Android box variant so it can be recovered in case device doesn’t work properly after unroot.

  • Open the SuperSU app and navigate to Settings.
  • Click on Full Unroot under the cleanup and accept the message.
  • Restart and check we should not have SuperSU installed on phone

How to Perform Manual Unroot Process:

Manual unroot is useful when we don’t have app to root or app like SuperSU doesn’t work properly with the system in which it is installed.

It may possible that rooted device will not get unrooted with any app. In that case, manual process of unroot is most viable option for us. You need to keep a supporting firmware file related to android device which can used if device doesn’t work after unroot.

The drawback of this method is that after manual unroot some apps can still detect the system modification has been done.

  • Download the Root check app and check for the root permissions.
  • Download and install file manager ES Explorer or a similar one.
  • We have to delete several files from the rooted system. These files are “su” and “daemon_su”. The possible directories in the root are –



  • We have to go inside directories and delete two files. It is possible because we still have root rights.
  • Once those files are removed, we navigate through the list of installed apps and uninstall the root app cause of rooting in device.
  • Restart the device.
  • See we are no longer in root mode.

This way you can unroot your Android TV Box. You need to perform the step by step guide given above in this article.

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