How to Watch TBS on Roku in 2023?

The Roku is a small and simplistic device that plugs into your TV. With the Roku, users can watch television without having to pay monthly cable costs and instead stream entertainment through different streaming services. TBS is one of the over 2,500 channels that are offered for free on Roku. You do not need a subscription to use Roku, though many users do pay for the On Demand channels. As you can imagine, there are many ways to access TBS through the Roku. In this article, we will help you figure out how to watch TBS on the Roku device so you can start enjoying your favorite shows that are on the network.

About TBS:

TBS is available through this streaming service, offered by the Turner Entertainment Networks. It’s one of America’s most popular cable channels and offers a wide variety of movies, TV shows and series—many of which are premieres or on-demand exclusives

TBS can be viewed through a TV provider subscription, and you can also watch sports like MLB games on this channel. The low-cost TBS subscription is Sling TV (35 dollars/month), Hulu Plus and DirecTV for 69 dollars per month each. YouTube has another type of option costing 64,99 $ monthly subscriptions.

How to Get TBS on Roku streaming device

Follow the methods given below to get the TBS on Roku Streaming device. These are simple steps which help in running TBS on your Roku device.

  • Add TBS channel on Roku streaming device.
  • Mirror TBS on Roku streaming device through Smart Phone

Use the above techniques and get the TBS app on your Roku streaming device.

Method1: Add TBS channel on Roku streaming device

The TBS channel app is available on the Roku channel store. In this section, we will explain you how to install it on Roku and stream it.

1. First of all, connect your Roku device with the Smart TV through a HDMI port.

2. Next, you need to connect your Roku with TV to a high-speed internet connection.

3. From the Dashboard of the Roku, Go to the Roku Channel Store.

TBS on Roku

4. Search the TBS channel in the search box of Roku device.

5. Select the TBS channel from the search results and click on Add channel to install it on Roku.

6. Click on the Go to Channel and direct to the TBS channel welcome window.

7. Use your login credentials for the TBS app and play any video of your choice and watch it on the Roku device.

Method2: Mirror TBS on Roku streaming device through Smart Phone

If you want to mirror the TBS on Roku streaming device you will need a Smartphone. Please follow the steps given below to get this done.

Perform the following settings on the Android and iOS device to mirror it on the Roku device.

For Android Device:-

Go to Roku Settings>Screen Mirroring>Screen Mirroring Mode>Select Prompt or Always on

For iOS device:-

Go to Roku settings> Apple AirPlay and HomeKit> AirPlay and HomeKit Settings and make sure that AirPlay is enabled.

1. Pair up your Smartphone and Roku with Smart TV to the same internet connection.

2. Go into the App store of your Smartphone and Type in TBS app in the search box.

3. Install the TBS app on your Smartphone and login to app with the credentials provided by the TV provider.

TBS on Roku

4. Open the TBS app on smartphone and choose to play any video of your choice and then click on the Cast or Airplay icon on the screen.

TBS on Roku

5. Now tap on the name of your Roku device from the available devices list on your Smartphone.

TBS on Roku

6. Now you can start streaming TBS’s content on the Roku device with the help of Smartphone.

Final Words:

TBS app has become popular nowadays, with a number of users being unable to install it on their Roku device. In this post we tried to help you install this application flawlessly. As you can see, the installation of TBS app via the standard procedure is an extremely uncomplicated process.

All you need to do is to type in the name of the application into your Roku search bar, and then download and install it.

Now you know the complete process to Stream TBS on Roku. Using any of the two methods you can watch TBS live in your Roku. I hope the article was very helpful and it clears all your doubts about streaming TBS Live on Roku. If you have any problems along the way, feel free to comment down below with your query.

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