These 5 Streaming Services are Worth the Money in Singapore: Quick Analysis

streaming services are worth the money in Singapore

The last few years have given way to numerous streaming services, with people shifting from traditional cable TV to streaming services. New streaming services have popped up all over the internet.

There are paid services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Paramount Plus and free-to-start services such as Peacock TV. Since these services are not available in Singapore, you can easily use a VPN service and, with little to no extra charges, stream Peacock TV in Singapore with just a click.

With so many services available on the market, being an intelligent consumer, you need to decide which service is the best fit for you. These streaming services can add up over time. Most of us will only get the chance to use some simultaneously.

Here are the top 5 streaming services worth your money in Singapore, so get a bang for your buck and start saving. 

Top 5 streaming services for Singaporian Viewers


Starting in 1997, Netflix was a mail video ordering service. It switched to a digital streaming service in the year 2007. Offering over 15000+ titles for streaming, Netflix’s library can get overwhelming. To overcome this, Netflix has created an algorithm to suggest movies and shows based on your viewing history, so you get titles closer to your taste and interests. 

Netflix also offers original content for its viewers. With prices starting from $ 6.99 for a standard plan to $ 19.99 for a premium plan, you can use up to four different screens, making the service the most suitable option for sharing with friends and family. 

You can stream Netflix on your TV, smartphones, laptops, etc. The variety offered by the service makes Netflix the perfect choice for viewers with varying tastes and interests. 


The king of family-friendly, wholesome entertainment, Disney offers its streaming services by the name of Disney+. Starting in the year, 2019 Disney+ has since risen in the ranks of streaming services.

Offering subscribers connections for up to four different devices, with pricing plans starting with a basic plan for $ 7.99 which features ADs in between content, and a premium plan for $ 10.99 which features no ADs. 

The service offers simultaneous streaming on up to 4 devices and downloads on up to 10 different devices. The streaming service is the best option for people who love Disney classics, superheroes, and the Star Wars collection.


Got a TV show you want to follow, Hulu is the best option for you. Hulu offers current episodes of TV shows, all of which are uploaded on a one-day delay basis—making the service suitable for viewers that want to keep up with their shows without much delay.

Subscribers can watch Hulu on up to two screens simultaneously, offering fewer screens than Disney+ and Netflix. The service, as of this moment, offers downloads at an additional cost to your current pricing plan.

Hulu currently offers a $7.99 base plan, which has AD-supported content included on it, which means that the content provided by Hulu has ADs placed throughout it, making it a not-so-good choice for viewers that want to stream content without ADs.

The other plan offered by Hulu is the $14.99 per month, which offers content without ADs. Both plans are available for a 30 free trial, which can be canceled anytime within the 30 days. 


HBO Max is usually offered as an additional service, free of cost for HBO subscribers. The service can also be subscribed as a stand-alone service for only $ 14.99 per month. The service provides viewers with a wide variety of titles from HBO’s original library and Warner Brothers and Studio Ghibli titles.

One benefit of the service that sets it apart from other streaming services, they offer new Warner Brother studio releases to their library the same day as their theater releases. The only downside is that these titles are available for only 31 days on the platform.

The service is best for viewers that enjoy new releases and are fans of Warner Brother releases.

Peacock TV

Although you can create an account on Peacock TV completely free of cost for a 3-month trial period after the trial expiry, it is recommended to switch to a premium account. The premium account will provide you access to a more significant number of channels.

A Peacock TV premium account subscription is available for purchase for $ 4.99 per month and offers a wide range of channels, from NBC, live sports, and news updates to even cultural programming. The premium, as well as free account features ADs. 

To opt for AD-free viewing, Peacock TV offers its premium plus services for only $ 9.99 per month. The premium plus service offers channels such as NBC, CNBC, USA Network, Bravo, Syfy, Live news services through NBC, and many more. 

This service is mainly suitable for families as the channels featured on the service range from adults, young adults & kids. So you can find something for every age group. 

Save while streaming

There are a lot of streaming services available on the market. All of which have something unique to offer. You can make an informed decision about what you are looking for in the service. The question to ask yourself is which is the best one for you. 

A study by Statista conducted on a sample size of 1000 responders in Singapore found that 89.1% of the responders preferred Netflix as their streaming service of choice, followed by Disney+, with 37.07% of responders.

We hope that this list is helpful in letting you make an informed decision.

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