Samsung TV Won’t Turn On (This will Surely Fix it)

Have you ever encountered such issue like Samsung TV is not turning ON?

If you are one who is facing this problem with Samsung TV, certainly there will be so many users will be dealing with the same issue for multiple years.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix that should resolve your issue Samsung TV won’t Turn ON.

Samsung TV won’t turn on

If your Samsung TV won’t turn on, the quick fix is reset the TV. You need to unplug your tv from the wall and wait for 1 minute. After one-minute wait, plug your Samsung TV back in. It will soft reset your TV and it should work fine now.

Unplug Samsung TV from wall

This is the most common solution with every device. As the first and simple solution, you should consider Unplugging the Samsung Tv from the wall socket to get it to turn back on.

Unplug samsung TV from wall

The hack is to wait for 60 seconds. You need to have patience and make sure at least one minute has passed before plugging it back in.

While the Tv is unplugged, find and hold the power button of your Samsung tv for 30 seconds. I am talking power button on your TV, not on Remote (Read here: Where Is the Power Button on Samsung TV).

This process releases any residual power left in the TV and enables TV to soft reset itself. It is different than normal switching remote ON and OFF.

Once you plug TV back in the socket after 60 seconds, it should power back up with no problem.

In 80% cases, this hack works most of the times, for remaining 20% cases, it can be a bit trickier to resolve this issue. If you or your known is still struggling to turn your Samsung Tv back on, you should consider the solutions given below.

Remove batteries from Samsung remote

If unplugging, and replugging the TV plug didn’t work for you, try taking out the batteries from the remote.

Remove batteries from remote

Just keep in mind You have to take out both the batteries.

After removing the batteries, hold down the power button on remote for 30 seconds. It should be 30 seconds at least, not less than that.

Once the 30 seconds are up, put the batteries back to the remote, and try to turn on Tv. It should power back on (you can put new batteries set in your remote).

If the above two steps fix your Samsung TV Power problem, but after some days or weeks later, you find yourself struggling with the same issue, and looking for a more powerful fix, then try factory resetting your TV as permanent solution.

Factory reset Samsung TV

Keep the TV powered on and click on the Menu button (assuming unplugging or removing batteries was able to temporarily power the tv).  

Within the menu, there should be a “System” option, click on it.

After that, select “Reset & Admin” then “Reset TV to factory default”. In some cases, the Samsung Tv asks for the reset code. If it does, put the four times zero (0000).

This process essentially restores your Samsung Tv to the settings it had on the day when you purchased the television.

Factory reset Samsung TV without remote

If you don’t have access to your TV remote and want to factory reset your Samsung TV, then there is one more way for it. You can factory reset Samsung TV without remote as well.

First of all, you need to find power button on your TV. As per the model, location can be different of power button. It should be at the right or left side of the TV.  

Keep the TV On, and press and hold the volume down and source button at the same time. After few seconds passed, your tv will ask you to press and hold the input button. Keep the input button pressed for at least 10 seconds.

This process will turn off the tv, reboot it and factory reset it. It can take one minute or so in reboot and reset.

Hoping you have successfully resolved the power issue at this moment, but in case you haven’t. I’ve included few more fixes before we give up on it.

Reseat power cord in back of Samsung TV

Another potential fix you can try on your own is unplug the power cord from the back of the TV.

Leave it unplugged for 60 seconds and then plug it back in.

When you plug it back in to the tv, make sure it is fairly fitted. A lose connection may cause of power interruption. so have a tight connection that will make sure the device gets the stable power supply.

Once you power cord plugged back in, turn on the tv using the TV power button, not with the remote.

Hopefully, your tv should get the life back now.

Select the Correct Input Source

Having an incorrect input device selected may result as your Tv appear not turn on. In order to correct it, you have to select the right input source for your TV.

Whether you are using a DVD player, a streaming device, or a cable box, make sure that your TV source/input matches the number HDMI port is being used.

We have two different methods to select the input device: –

 Method 1 – Use remote control to enable the input source

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Press the Source button on your remote control
  3. Select the desired input mode

Method 2 – Change input source without remote control  

  1. First turn on your TV.
  2. Press the menu button from the side or bottom of the TV.
  3. Use the volume button to navigate to the source option.
  4. At end, use the menu button to select the desired input source.

You should note that some TVs have the source button at the back or side of the tv that you can use to select preferred input source.

Try a different power outlet

While it is unlikely a cause of problem, still if you are struggling to have the device on. I would suggest you to plug in your Samsung TV on different power outlet in your home.

Sometimes a faulty power outlet can be a cause that we don’t aware of.

If you don’t want to take your TV to other place in your home, you simply need to check the power supply of the outlet with a small appliance. Plug in this small appliance in the same power outlet you are trying to use for your TV.

If you find that device power on then you come to know that outlet is working and it is probably not causing issue.

Backlight is broken

One possible cause of Samsung TV is not getting turn on is backlight of the TV is broken.

There is an easy method to determine whether this is the case or not. Power On your Tv, then take a flashlight and bring it close to your TV screen.

You need to very closely look at the TV if any image on the screen when you flash the light on the TV screen.

If any picture appears on the screen, but it is extremely faint, it is probably indicating towards failure of the backlight of the TV and you need to replace it.

Motherboard Issue

If TV’s motherboard has some issue, then it is possible that Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON. To diagnose this issue, you have to take the back panel off of your Samsung TV.

After removing the panel, you will see a few boards. Motherboard is usually on the left and power board on the right side.

To make sure the fault is in motherboard, not in the power board, you need to plug the power cable of TV in and Turn ON the TV. Now detach the cable that connect the motherboard to the power board, from power board side.

If the TV is showing the light, then the power board is fine, you have faulty motherboard.

You need to replace the motherboard. Just make sure you are getting the exact replacement by checking the numbers on existing motherboard.

This is a technical process; you need to be cautious about it. If you are not comfortable doing so, get the help from a technician.

Final Words:

If your Samsung TV is not working fine. I mean if your Samsung TV won’t power on, then try the following fixes in the given order.

  • Unplug the Tv from the wall and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote and hold down power button for 30 seconds.
  • Factory reset tv with or without remote.
  • Reseat the power cord in the back of your TV.
  • Make sure TV is using the correct input source.
  • Try plugging in TV on different power outlet.
  • Get the backlight replaced from a technician..
  • Get the motherboard replaced from a technician.

If none of the above fixes has worked for you. Try to find whether the device under warranty or not. Otherwise, you have to buy a new TV (praying you don’t face this condition).

 Let me know know – if any of these solutions helped fixing your Samsung Tv issue. If you got success following any other method, share with our audience by commenting down below.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On (Video Guide)

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