How To Root MXQ Android TV Box [3 Methods]

Did you buy an LED or LCD TV a few months back and now regretting it because you cannot watch the latest movies and other content in the comfort of your homes? Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, no wish of mankind cannot be fulfilled! Now you can turn a regular TV into a Smart TV. I know it sounds too good to be true but we’re not lying! The android TV Boxes have the answer to all your questions. You just have to buy an MXQ Android Tv box for enjoying the latest release content.

How To Root MXQ Android TV Box

Benefits of Rooting MXQ Android TV Box

There are many benefits of rooting MXQ Android TV Boxes. The major benefit is you get access to system files which gives you the liberty to change anything you want. The rooting of an android device is just like jailbreaking an iPhone. You can dictate your device to do all the things you want! More advanced features can be added to your device.

Rooting your MXQ TV Box gives you the freedom to customize your TV viewing experience. In this article, we will guide you through the journey. You will not need anyone’s help to root Android TV boxes. Keep reading this comprehensive article to root your android tv box without any hassles.

Things You Will Need To Root Android TV Box

You can download applications that are not available on the Google Play Store after rooting your Android TV box. Root access is also necessary for some Kodi apps to allow them to make changes to your system files. Here are all of the things you will need to root MXQ TV box using different rooting apps:

  • A desktop/laptop.
  • MXQ Android TV Box
  • USB cable.
  • An active internet connection.
  • Some patience.

How To Root MXQ Android TV Box

Method #1. Using One Click Root

  • One Click Root is the name of the app that is going to root your MXQ Android TV Box.
  • Go to on your computer. Click on Install Now.
  • Run the One-Click Root software
  • Now you just have to connect your Android Tv box with a laptop or desktop (whatever device you are working on). Use a USB cord.
  • Navigate to DEVELOPERS OPTION in settings on your MXQ Android TV Box.
Enable ADB Debugging
  • Click Root Now on the one-click root computer software.
  • The software will complete the installation. Let it do it!
  • On Google Play, search for Root Checker. Now run the app to make sure the root was successful.
OneClick Root App

Method #2. Using KingRoot App

KingRoot is another good rooting apps for Android that works with all Android mobile, tablets and TV devices. You can consider using it to root MXQ Box TV with ease. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Settings of your MXQ TV Box.
  • Click on Security & Restrictions option.
Security & Restrictions
  • Scroll down and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
Enable Unknown Sources
KingRoot Try To Root
  • Once it is done, your device will be rooted successfully.
  • You can download RootChecker app to check the root status of your TV.

Method #3. Update MXQ Firmware Manually

For this, you need to download some files that can be found easily on the internet. Well, you must have technical knowledge of everything you are doing since any change can brick your device. We will recommend you to follow this method only when you know what you are doing and how to reverse the effects.

MXQ TV My Apps
  • Now, click on Update & Backup.
  • Select Local Backup and then click on Select.
MXQ TV Backup
  • file must be found automatically by the TV.
  • Select that file and proceed.
  • Once it is done installing it, your MXQ TV Box will be rooted.

FAQ: Things To Remember After Rooting MXQ TV Box

Even though rooting is a simple and legal process, there are some drawbacks too. Since your device is open for third-party installs, you must be cautious while downloading and installing anything on your TV box. Here are some things you must be aware of after rooting your Android TV box.

  1. Always keep an antivirus installed to keep your TV secure.
  2. Take a full backup of your important files often.
  3. Some payment apps might not work on rooted devices.
  4. Your carrier and manufacturer warranty will void after rooting.
  5. If you are using torrents, consider using a VPN.

Final Words

Tadaa! Now you will be able to download apps that you were not able to download in the past. You can also edit the system files as you like! The entire device can be tailor-made by you! One of the main reasons why people prefer rooting their MXQ Android Tv Box is for getting access to Kodi Addons.

Few Kodi add ons need root access to work because they require access to your root files. Please make sure, you use the VPN service to stream and download pirated content. Some of the apps allow illegal streaming of pirated content. However, you need to be careful.

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