How to Get Roku on VIZIO Smart TV in 2023?

How to Get Roku on VIZIO Smart TV

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a collection of movie theatre quality movies and TV shows, Roku is the way to go. Roku devices can be connected to most TVs and residential high-speed internet connections. In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to enable Roku on Vizio Smart TV.

About Roku Streaming Device

If you are a tech junkie, you probably have several gadgets in your home. However, if creating a home media room is one of your goals, you may want to consider making your next purchase a new streaming device. Now that Roku has their own streaming device, you may be wondering what is roku streaming device? The Roku Streaming is more than just a streaming device. It not only streams your favorite movies and TV shows, but it can also give you access to some of your favorite channels. This means that you can watch live TV and catch up on your favorite shows.

Roku device allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on demand. These devices are easy to use and connected to your TV through the internet. This eliminates the need for cable or satellite. So, if you are looking for a streaming device, you can give a try to Roku.

Method to fix and use Roku on VIZIO Smart TV

The following methods will help you to fix and use the Roku on VIZIO Smart Tv.

  • Fix up Roku Streaming Stick on Vizio Smart TV
  • Fix up Roku Streaming Player on Vizio Smart TV
  • Stream Roku Streaming device on Vizio Smart TV

Above methods will help you to enjoy video streaming with Roku on VIZIO Smart TV.

Fix Roku Streaming Stick on VIZIO Smart TV

In this section, we will guide you fixing the Roku streaming device on VIZIO Smart TV. Just in case if your VIZIO Smart TV doesn’t have HDMI port, then you can use the Roku stick with an external adapter.

Step1: First of all, check The Roku Stick’s packages has all the supporting components. Also put the battery inside the Stick’s remote.

Step2: Then Connect up the Roku streaming Stick into the HDMI port of VIZIO smart TV (you can see the HDMI port at the backside of TV).

Roku on VIZIO Smart TV

Step3: Then Power up your Roku‘s Streaming Stick with VIZIO Smart TV by plugging them into a standard power supply.

Step4: Thus, we can fix the Roku Stick on VIZIO Smart TV easily.

Fix up Roku Streaming Player on VIZIO Smart TV

In this method, we will show you how to fix the Roku Streaming Player on VIZIO smart TV. If your VIZIO TV has a HDMI port, you can attach Roku player with the VIZIO smart TV.

Step1: Unbox the Roku streaming player and check if all the supporting component are available in the box.

Step2: Take the working batteries and put them into the Roku remote and prepare the Roku streaming player.

Step3: Now put inside the Roku input HDMI cable into the VIZIO smart TV’s HDMI port.

Roku on VIZIO Smart TV

Step4: Now fix up your power plugs of Roku‘s Streaming Player with VIZIO TV to the power source.

Step5: Make sure all the cables from Roku player to TV and vice-versa are in right order.

Step6: Thus, we have installed the Roku player with the VIZIO smart TV.

Stream Roku Streaming device on VIZIO Smart TV

In this section we will learn how to stream Roku player or Roku Stick on VIZIO smart TV.

Step1: We are assuming that you have done all the fix-up process of Roku Stick or Roku player with VIZIO Smart TV from the guides given above.

Step2: Now you should set a valid source of internet connection for your VIZIO Smart TV with Roku device from Network page.

Roku on VIZIO Smart TV

Step3: Now power up the Roku with Vizio TV and hit the power button on Remote.

Step4: Now choose up the HDMI port in TV screen where you have fixed the Roku device.

Step5: Go to the Setup screen and Choose the language for your Roku device and click on ok.

Roku on VIZIO Smart TV

Step6: Keep responding on all the prompts appearing on the screen.

Step7: If user doesn’t have account on Roku, then it can be created via browser on Roku device.

Roku on VIZIO Smart TV

Step8: Next log-in on the Roku device with your credentials.

Step9: Now, you can start using the Roku device, and add channels from the Roku channel store.

Thus, you can stream the Roku Streaming device on the VIZIO Smart TV.


You no need to pay for using Roku or watching the free channels. A user only pays for the subscription-based channels and services.

You can verify that your TV has built-in Roku by checking the System info page from the Settings menu.

Last Words

We have thoroughly explained how to fix and use the Roku device on your VIZIO Smart TV. If you are willing to make this setup for yourself, then this guide about fixing and using the Roku device on VIZIO TV will surely going to help you a lot. Keep visiting our blog for more such articles.

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