How to Reload Kodi on the MXQ Box?

In this rapidly changing world, none of us has time to sit in front of our television sets and wait for our favorite shows to air live and then for us to enjoy the content. In this age of fast technological advancements and growth, we want a more easy, convenient, and less time-consuming method to stream our favorite shows and movies and watch them whenever we want, from the comfort of our homes. One such device designed to make this happen an MXQ  box.

Time for Reloading Kodi?

One of the best and reputed streaming APKs, Kodi is used by millions of users and technical enthusiasts over the globe. It enhances your viewing experience, letting you stream many more shows,  channels, shows, and geo-restricted using VPN content like never before. With this, you can easily customize your firmware up to your needs.

Kodi TV Running Sony Bravia

Reloading Kodi on your android device is a swift process that hardly takes a few minutes or two to accomplish. A quick reload will help solve any internet-related issues that come up with your device. Due to specific add-ons and Wizards that people install, it’s necessary to fill Kodi, no matter which Android device you use.

What will reloading Kodi do?

Reloading Kodi will do the following:

  • It will delete every repository that you use on your device. 
  • It will reload your android box back to the default one, erasing all customizations.
  • It will remove every customs and change made by you on your device. 

Why is reloading Kodi essential for your android box?

Since repositories and third-party add-ons need upgrading to avoid stoppage working and change their mode of functionality, therefore, Kodi must reload. Reloading Kodi will help you avoid some bad possibilities and malicious firmware which can root or stalk your device. The advantages of reloading are as follows:

  • Slower programming. The more new content you have, the more work Kodi will struggle with zero or no benefits. 
  • Malicious content. It will save you from any malware when you click on unknown websites.
  • Performing reloading will erase old updates and will help you gather new updates.
  • It Will allows you to start from the beginning, and you can again customize, set, and reload applications and firmware as you used to earlier.

Reloading Kodi doesn’t require any deletion or Uninstallation of the preexisting Kodi software. It will only make a fresh start by supplying to its original state by making things simpler for you and easy and versatile on a large scale.

How to reload Kodi on an MXQ box?

If you had tried to change some settings or firmware or had wrongly updated your Kodi software, it might have broken. Or your Device is affected by some malicious firmware that is affecting the functioning of the device. In that case, it is best for reloading Kodi and starting it over from scratch.

But, first, you should know that reloading Kodi might cause you to delete all saved data and files. So before you decide to go with reloading, prepare a backup and then proceed with the steps below.

Step 1: First, go to your settings menu, from your device’s screen or the default application drawer.

Step 2: Run a search for your application. 

Kodi Sony Bravia TV App

Step 3: Then scroll down and run a search to find Kodi; after you get that, double click on the icon. This pulls up the settings panel for the application. 

Step 4: What you need to do in this step is to force the Kodi application to stop. 

To Force stop an application before clearing its data or cache, it’s good. Like most other operating systems available, the Android operating system of any version has programs saved in memory.

Step 5: Next, go for clearing its data. Keep in mind that you cannot step back. Once you click to remove its data, it will reset back to its factory defaults.

Step 6: Now, point you will be redirected over to an application page. Here you need to verify there that the cache is zero or less. If not, then 12 KB is also good.

Step 7: Next, you see a dialog box asking you to access your photos, videos, data on your device. Confirm it, and your Kodi will be successfully reloaded.


By following the methods mentioned above, you can easily roll back KODI and reload it on MXQ Box, the process may sound lengthy, but you can repeat it many times until the issue is fixed.

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