Pros and Cons of Free Streaming Services

Most people use streaming services to watch TV shows, movies, and sports events. There are plenty of apps and websites that offer streaming services, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and Hotstar being some popular platforms. 

Although all these platforms offer high-resolution picture quality and sound without ads, they charge you for the same. Some of them are so expensive that the plans are not affordable for some people. 

This is where the free streaming services enter the game. There are plenty of apps and websites that allow you to stream free content without any paid subscription. Some websites even don’t require you to sign up for an account.

Pros and Cons of Free Streaming Services

However, there is nothing free, and they show you ads between TV shows and movies. Free streaming comes with some disadvantages. Let us explore the pros and cons of using free streaming services for entertainment. 

Pros of Free Streaming Services

Free To Use

The very first benefit of free streaming services is that they are completely free to use. You can stream free movies, TV shows, and web series without paying a single penny. They don’t ask you to pay for a subscription plan. Some services may offer you free streaming for a limited period, maybe for a few days or a month. 

However, there are plenty of apps and websites that offer free streaming forever. It means you don’t need to pay to enjoy your favorite content. All you need is an internet connection and a streaming device or smart TV. 

Variety of Entertainment Content

By signing up on an app or website that offers free streaming, you get access to a wide variety of content, ranging from retro classics to the latest blockbusters. Although the movies currently being played in the theatres may not be available, free streaming platforms offer you the ones that recently left theatres.

For example, TeaTV is a free streaming app that offers you access to a wide range of movies and TV shows. You can use TeaTV on Amazon Fire Stick or any other streaming device or a smart TV.

All you need is to install TeaTVs APK by following the instructions, and you are all set to stream anything. In addition, you can stream TV shows and web series and even the episodes you missed due to your busy schedule. 

No Commitment to Long Term Subscriptions

You don’t need to commit to any long-term subscription by opting for free streaming services. Some users don’t watch movies or TV shows frequently and only watch TV on weekends or when they have some free time. 

So, they don’t prefer paying for a monthly or quarterly subscription plan. Free streaming apps and websites are a great option for such users as they enable them to watch their favorite content any time, that too for free. 

Cons of Free Streaming Services

Annoying Ads

As with everything else, free streaming services are also not free. Although they don’t ask you to pay anything, they earn through advertisements you see while watching the content on their app or website. So, whether you like it or not, you need to watch those advertisements while streaming movies, TV shows, or web series. 

Platforms that offer both free and paid services, may ask you to subscribe to a paid plan to remove ads while streaming. But if you continue with the free plan, you need to watch those annoying ads. 

Low Quality

Users may not get the quality of videos they expect from a service. Free streaming service providers may not use a high-quality server to stream content. You may not get high-definition pictures or Dolby sound quality while using a free streaming service. Some websites may offer you high-definition videos but, you cannot expect it on every other site or app.

Limited Content

Most free streaming platforms offer you limited content. You may not get access to the recent releases and the movies running at present in theatres. You may not be able to access the latest content, such as live sports events, movies released recently, or live TV shows. All such privileges are available with paid streaming services. So, by choosing free streaming services, you restrict yourself to a library of limited content. 

Legal Issues

All the free streaming platforms are not legal. Users don’t have the option to check the legality of such apps or websites. Also, a website you use for free streaming may be legal in some countries, but not in all. 

You may not know whether it’s legal to stream from a resource in your location. Therefore, authorities may shut down free streaming websites or apps without a license in their state at any time. 

Summing Up

Free streaming apps and websites can be your savior if you are on a tight budget. No matter which device you use for streaming, you can access these services to access more entertainment content. 

However, it is always better to check whether the app is legal to offer streaming services in your state to avoid any future issues. Consider both the pros and cons of an app before installing it on your device. 

You may get low quality or be forced to view unwanted ads in between your entertainment sessions. So, it is always best to choose a website or app that offers fewer ads and high-quality content. Make sure to keep your operating system updated to make streaming safer and secure.

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