How to Download & Install PIA on Firestick

Private Internet Access

PIA is another type of VPN which allows the user to enjoy the same features of a Virtual private network. Amazon Firestick doesn’t support any app of PIA. But users can use a third-party app to create private internet access in a firestick. By using PIA in a firestick, users can surf the internet and stream any content with total privacy and protection. Here we will discuss the steps to install PIA in a firestick. So let get to know about it in detail.

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Method 1. Download Private Internet Access For Firestick Officially

PIA VPN can be downloaded on Firestick from the official Amazon App Store and this method will take only about 5 minutes. If you are a novice Firestick user, we will recommend you to follow this method to download Private Internet Access on Firestick. Remember that you will have to visit the PIA official website to register yourself on it as sign up can’t be done from the Private Internet Access for Firestick. Once you are done with the registration, start following the steps mentioned below to install PIA on Firestick.

  • First of all, navigate to the home screen on Firestick.
  • Click on the “Search” button visible on the top.
  • Just type “Private Internet Access” (without quotes) and click on the result.
Search Private Internet Access
  • It will take you to the PIA app page. Click on Get or Download button to begin the process.
  • Wait for the installation to finish. Once it is done, click Open.
Download Private Internet Access
  • Enter the Username & Password you have used while registering on the PIA website.
Sign In Private Internet Access
  • You’re done. Just connect your Private Internet Access VPN to any service and start using it freely on your Firestick device.

Method 2. Download & Install PIA On Firestick Using Downloader App

Before discussing the steps to install PIA in a firestick, users must have to understand few things first. These steps will work perfectly for firesticks of the 2nd generation and 3rd generation. If the users have a firestick of any of the mentioned generations, then these steps will surely work. You can also follow the same steps to install Avast for Firestick. After getting sure about the details of the device and its generation we can proceed further.

#1. Enable Installation of Apps From Unknown Sources

First of all, users will have to make sure that their Amazon Firestick supports the installation of apps from unknown sources. If download from unknown sources is off in a firestick. Users must have to on it first to proceed towards further steps. We are well aware of the fact that the PIA app cannot be found in the Appstore of the amazon firestick. Users will have to switch on “Apps from other sources manually”. The steps are as follows:-

  • Users will have to go to the home screen of the firestick and navigate to the settings option of the firestick.    
  • Now the user will see an option “My Fire TV”. Click on “My Fire TV”.
  • Here users will see another option “Apps From Other Sources”, users can easily download any third-party apps by switching on this option.
  • Get back to the home screen of the Firestick TV by clicking on the home button of the remote control of the Firestick.         
Enable Apps From Unknown Sources

#2. Install The Downloader App On Firestick

After following the above steps successfully, users can proceed to download the PIA on firestick by following this step. Users can render the help of an app “downloader” to install and run the PIA application in Amazon Firestick. Users can easily find the app “downloader” by searching it in the store or by just saying “downloader” on the microphone while clicking on it. The app “downloader” will appear on the screen, click on it and tap on the download option next to the icon of the “downloader”. Users will have to wait for a while for the completion of the download process.   

Install Downloader App For Firestick

#3. Download Private Internet Access (PIA) On Firestick

This step is the most crucial one, users will have to do it carefully. After successfully installing the “downloader” app in the firestick. Users will have to open it by clicking on it. On the home screen of the Downloader app, users will see a box on the top right corner of the screen. Here the users will have to enter the precise address of the PIA apk to download it. Users will have to type the same text in the type box as mentioned here: – 
  • After entering the above address in the search box of the downloader, users will need to click on the go button to download PIA apk in the firestick. Users must recheck the entered address to stay safe from further inconvenience.
  • The APK of the PIA app will automatically start download in the amazon firestick. After successfully downloading the app, users will need to click on it and grant certain permission to proceed further.
Download PIA For Firestick
  • After granting all the permissions accordingly, the user will need to click on the “install” tab to finish the installation process.
  • After completing the above steps successfully, users will have to click on open (it will appear after successfully installing the PIA app in amazon firestick).

#4. Configure The Private Internet Access App

Now the PIA app is successfully installed in the Amazon Firestick and now won’t need Cinema HD APK for Android TV. The best thing about the PIA app is its compatibility, the app is compatible with Amazon Firestick remote and users will not find any difficulty while navigating through the app with the help of the remote control. Users will not need to download any extra software for the compatibility of the app with the controller. Users need to enter his/her credentials detail on the login page of the PIA app. Users will have to grant permission to access VPN configurations, users will have to click “Ok” and then again “OK” on the next page. 

Private Internet Access Firestick App

NOTE– Now the user can access the PIA app. But some things need to be considered before watching on personal internet access in the Amazon Firestick. Users are strictly advised to enable the kill switch and adblocker options on the right-hand side of the screen. By switching this on, users will be competent protected against malicious ads and popups and enjoy streaming and surfing through PIA. 

Users should also click on Settings, scroll down the list, and enable Connect on boot so that the VPN will automatically connect whenever you turn on your Firestick. Users won’t need to make connections from the PIA app every time they switch on their Firestick. This setting comes in handy when you want to use different media players for Android TV box with VPN settings on.

When the users complete the above steps, they will need to return to the left-hand side, choose which server they’d like to use, press up on the remote, and click the button to connect to the VPN. Finally, the PIA connection will be available and users can stream any content with total privacy protection. 

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