How to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on PS4 2023?

How to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on PS4 2022?

In response to the growing trend of streaming services and a general shift away from traditional cable subscriptions, more and more media companies have started offering standalone streaming services. Paramount is just one of many production companies that has launched its own subscription service for their content, separate from cable or other streaming services. In this article, we’ll go over how to install Paramount Plus app on your PS4 so you can watch all those hot new shows whenever you want. Read on to discover how you can add the Paramount Plus app on your PS4 today!

About Paramount:

Paramount Plus, one of the most well-known streaming services, was owned by Paramount Streaming. The CBS Entertainment Group and Paramount Media Networks both contribute to Paramount Streaming by sharing its content. The parent company for Paramount Streaming is Paramount Global Company.

The Paramount Plus streaming service has close to 32.8 million users in 2022. You can get all the premium video content, including the best live and on-demand streaming of TV programmes, series, and movies, with Paramount Plus. Its Essential subscription plans cost $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, while Premium membership plans cost $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

How to install Paramount Plus app on PS4?

e are sharing 2 working methods to get Paramount Plus app on the PS4 Console. Please find them below-

  • Add and Install Paramount Plus on PS4
  • Stream Paramount Plus on PS4 through PS Remote Play

The above methods will help you to get the Paramount Plus on the PS4.

Method1: Add and Install Paramount Plus on PS4

Here we are mentioning all the steps required to add, install and Watch the Paramount Plus on PS4.

Step1: Connect the Smart Tv with the PS4 console using the HDMI cable.

Step2: Now attach PS4 console with Smart Tv to a common source of Wi-fi connection.

Step3: In the next step, get into the Home section of the PS4 and open its main menu.

Step4: Next head to the PlayStation Store to get the Apps Section.

Step5: By using search function in the same window, search for Paramount Plus app in it.

Step6: Next, you have to choose the Paramount Plus from the search results and download & install it.

Step7: Last, run the Paramount Plus and perform the login ritual on the app and start watching the content.

Method2: Stream Paramount Plus on PS4 through PS Remote Play

Follow the steps given below to add and stream the Paramount plus on PS4 console using the PS Remote Play.

Step1: Pair up your Smart TV and PS4 and connect with a common internet source.

Step2: Then Go to Settings>>Remote Play connection Settings>>Enable Remote Play.

Paramount Plus on PS4
Paramount Plus on PS4

Step3: Now Go to Settings>>Account Management>>Activate as your Primary PS4>>Activate.

Paramount Plus on PS4

Step4: Now Go to Settings>>Power Save Settings>>Set Features Available in Rest mode.

Paramount Plus on PS4

Step5: Have right tick on. Stay Connected to the internet and Enable Turning on PS4 from Network on your PS4.

Paramount Plus on PS4

Step6: Now Download and install PS4 Remote Play app and Paramount plus app on your smartphone.

Step7: Now open the PS4 Remote play app and sign-in into the app with the PS4’s login credentials.

Step8: Now Connect your PS4 and phone. Now the phone’s screen start displaying on the PS4’s screen.

Step9: Now, click on the Paramount+ video on your mobile and enjoy streaming videos on your PS4.

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The Paramount Plus is a streaming service that gives you access to loads of exclusive content from the makers. Whether you’re a fan of Westerns or you’re looking for something new to watch, there’s a wide range of shows and movies on the network that are sure to keep you entertained. To get started, all you have to do is install Paramount Plus app on your PS4, log in with your account, and pick what you want to watch.

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