Olympics on Roku: How to Watch Winter Olympics

How to Watch Olympics Live on Roku Device

Roku is a popular brand name that provides internet streaming devices. Access to thousands of channels, including sports channels and other specialty channels makes it perfect for viewing the Olympics online.

Roku devices are known for their versatility in streaming and providing viewers with quality content from various sources. In this article, I’ll help you see how to Watch Olympics on Roku Device.

About Olympics

Olympic Games is an international multi-sport event held once every four years since the 1896 Olympic Games. It was founded in Athens, Greece, where it has been held continuously since then. The first event was participated by only seven countries and four sports such as shooting, fencing, bowling and marathon. It was later expanded to include different sports including athletics (running), skating, gymnastics and wrestling.

The Olympic Games, held every four years, is the world’s largest and most important sporting event in which about 5,500 athletes from about 200 countries participate. They are categorized as a universal sports event because they are not limited to any particular discipline or format of play. The Olympic Games were originally called “The Great Olympic Peace Festival.”

How to Watch Olympics on Roku?

There is an Official Olympics Channel available for the Roku device which means you can directly stream Olympics on the Olympics channel on the Roku device.

1. Connect your Roku device with the Smart TV through HDMI port.

2. Now connect it with the high speed internet connection.

3. Now go to Home section of the Roku, and Get to the  Streaming channels section.

4. Go to the search feature and type in Olympic channel.

5. Choose Olympic channel from the search results.

6. Tap on the Add channel button.

7. Now Click on the Olympic channel on your Roku and enjoy watching the games.

Some other ways to Watch live Olympics on Roku

Along with the Official Channel of Olympics, we have some other services as well to stream the Olympic games on the Roku device. You can also watch Olympics on the following streaming services.

  • NBC Sports
  • FuboTV
  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • Peacock TV
  • Philo
  • YouTube TV

First of all, you have to add these streaming services by getting into the Streaming channel section in the Roku device. After adding channel respective of these services to your Roku device, you can start watching Olympics.


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