No Limits Magic vs No Limits Firestick Lite [Features/Comparision]

Amazon markets the firestick but it is available at Staples and different stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more places. You can buy this device from anywhere. There are two basic types of Amazon firestick available in the market. The basic model looks much like an oversize USB stick. It comes with a remote and a small HDMI extension Cord. The 4K model fire stick has a larger form factor. It looks more like a 60’s mod medallion, like a mid-size radio. People prefer to buy both versions but the recommend model is a 4K model fire stick.

No Limits Magic vs No Limits Firestick Lite

Think of the Firestick as a device running the Android OS in general TV. It has an HDMI connection that connects to the HDMI plug on the back of the TV. The HDMI is the path that delivers the video to the TV. The Firestick also has an antenna that connects to your home WIFI which connects to the Internet. Many Firesticks get too much interference from the TV so you can use a long HDMI extension cable between TV and Firestick to avoid any interference. To power on a firestick, it needs to be connected with a power source via USB cable and continuous internet connectivity.

Differences: No Limits Magic and No Limits Firestick Lite

Both the versions of Kodi No Limits Magic and No Limits Firestick Lite are optimum in streaming various contents on concurrent devices. These are compatible and user-friendly and apart from that, there is no restriction on the number of contents you want to watch. Most importantly both the addons are optimum depends upon the user. No Limits Magic extends multiple features seamlessly to support various contents and it is highly optimized for Android box. On the other hand, No Limits Firestick lite is the basic and lite version of No Limit Magic. It supports the basic version of Firestick, it is specially developed to render its support android supportive device of at least 1GB of RAM.

What Is No Limits Magic & Its Features

Firestick No Limits Magic Build

A Firestick streaming service depends upon the speed and continuous connectivity of the internet. No limits Magic allows the user to stream concurrent contents on various devices via firestick. Kodi app in a firestick with its add-on “the no limits magic” lends enriched quality contents. No Limits magic build installed in a firestick allows you to watch any movie, including those movies which are available in theatres. You can avail such movies for free and you will no longer look for pirated content on various sites.

The best thing about the No Limits Magic plug-in is its comprehensibility and adaptability with various versions of Kodi. It supports both versions of Kodi, which are Kodi 17.6 and Krypton and Kodi 18 Leia. Its extensive features and lets the user stream a plethora of content without applying any extra effort. While both the add-ons No limits magic and No Limit firestick lite are the crucible top Kodi addons. But No Limits magic has earned much more attention from the users because of its huge and best music and video availability. There is no denying the fact that No Limits magic has earned the highest priority of the users because of its easy user interface and basic steps to assemble the Kodi add-on on various android boxes and Firestick.

A lot of users prefer using Kodi Jarvis owing to its simple user interface and simplistic design.

  • No Limits Magic is extensively optimized for this particular version of Kodi and works efficiently and seamlessly.
  • No limit Magic is undoubtedly the best add-on of Kodi owing to its uncountable features and number of contents.
  • This add-ion is best suitable for the Amazon android Tv box because it gives optimum support in devices which4GB and more RAM. All the latest Android boxes offer support of 4GB of RAM.
  • No Limits Magic will enhance the viewing experience of the user in multiple ways.

What Is No Limits Firestick Lite & Its Features

No Limits Magic vs No Limits Lite

It is really easy and flexible to install No limits firestick lite in Kodi, you can find both no Limit Magic and No limit firestick lite-on internet don’t waste your time on unnecessary plugins of Kodi. You will be extremely disappointed in the quality that a fire stick can kick out. Kodi is a big media player and when you install a build like no limits magic on your Kodi player. There is just no way that a fire stick is going to have enough power to run the poor thing. It’ll be so slow and choppy that you’ll be quite disappointed. So, to sort out the issue of low RAM and storage in firestick, developers of Kodi add-ons introduced the light version of No Limits Magic and that is “No Limits Firestick Lite”.

You just need to have an Amazon firestick. You can buy it from any e-shopping site and for a little more convenience get yourself a mini-USB keyboard or a full-sized USB keyboard. It will help you in searching different contents without any waste of time. You can simply use your keyboard into the wireless port on the side because trying to program any kind of device with the remote control will take you freaking hours. If you don’t have a keyboard then you will have to navigate through the different contents with the help of the controller.

The standard methodologies which offer extensive add-ons into Kodi need a prior source to utilize No Limit firestick lite. We are already aware of the fact that Kodi wizards work as a bridge to optimize firesticks with various addons of Kodi.

Firestick No Limits Magic vs No Limits Firestick Lite
  • There are certain limitations in the No Limit firestick lite addon because it optimizes for certain and restricted versions of Kodi like Kodi 17 Krypton and Kodi Leia. While No-Limit Firestick lite pursues its features on the Amazon Firestick well efficiently.

So the thing is if the user has an amazon firestick of initial versions. Especially those versions which consisted of 1GB of RAM.

  • No Limit firestick can be a good choice of Kodi Add-ons.
  • Users will experience the same quality and almost the same features as No limits Magic.
  • Users can easily get this add-on in their firestick via the Kodi application and enjoy seamless and continuous streaming without any lag and even in limited connectivity.

No Limit Magic and No Limit Firestick Lite Compatibility

Switching back and forth between the remote and the keyboard will be a tough job. It will be better to keep connect the extensive keyboard to the Android box or Firestick. The Android TV box can receive anything that you can find on the internet while the fire stick cannot and will not because of its limitations in storage and RAM. On the other hand, both the No Limit Magic and No Limit Firestick Lite will render their support in the Android TV box as well as the Android firestick.

Firestick No Limits Firestick Lite Build

So, it depends upon you to get yourself the Android box or a firestick to channelize the add-ons of Kodi. Both No Limit Magic and No Limit firestick lite work proficiently via Kodi player. The android box is a bit expensive to start with but it takes 10 times less to install the Kodi player as compared to firestick. You can also install the other versions of Kodi player and for a minimal monthly subscription plan you can install net IPTV which is the substitute for Kodi TV. IPTV gets every last one of the cables and the sports station.

Final Words

Amazon firestick offers a plethora of things to buyers and it comes with uncountable features. Some of these features may cost money, some don’t, and some get charged after a trial period. The bill goes to your Amazon account. A lot of users restrict themselves from downloading any of the costly apps Amazon promotes. Users can go for free apps like Kodi, that Amazon knows nothing about. Users can also use Google and search for videos and watch it on Firestick. You can also Subscribe to a newsletter for more updates and information regarding firestick, Android Box and Kodi Plugins. These are advanced steps to learn and proceed to gain an advantage over your firestick to make the best use of it.

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