How to Watch NBC Channel on Roku Connected TV?

When you are using Roku connected TV and you want to watch NBC channel, then it will be a big problem for you. You should understand that the problem may occur on the cable modem. Here we will provide the best solution for you to solve these problems with ease. Follow the steps given in this post to watch NBC Channel on Roku Connected TV.

About NBC Channel

NBC, which stands for National Broadcasting Company, was created by the NBCUniversal (Comcast) Corp. This network is powered by NBC Entertainment. The NBC creates shows for broadcast on radio and television streaming networks.

Through this NBC channel or application, you can watch a wide variety of talk shows, news elements, sports events, children’s programs—in addition to more movies and other entertainment stuff.

NBC is available to watch on Peacock service subscription. The cost of Peacock Premium is $4.99/month and Peacock Plus is $9.99/month.

Is NBC Accessible on Roku?

For sure, the NBC is accessible on the Roku streaming device from its Roku Channel Store. Also we have some other methods to get NBC on the Roku device.

Methods to get NBC Channel on Roku

You can try the following methods to add and watch the NBC channel on Roku streaming device.

  • Install NBC Channel on Roku
  • Miracast NBC App on Roku using Smart Phone
  • Activate NBC on Roku

By using these procedures, you can watch the NBC channel on the Roku streaming device.

Method1: Install NBC Channel on Roku

Follow the instructions below to install the NBC channel on the Roku streaming device.

1. Power up your Roku streaming device and connect it with an active internet source.

2. Now go to Streaming channels from the Roku’s home screen.

NBC Channel on Roku

3. Now search for NBC channel and pick it out from the search results page and click on Add channel tab.

4. Next click on the Go to channel on the NBC interface and fill the login credentials of the NBC on login screen.

5. Now, you can stream the NBC channel on your Roku device.

NBC Channel on Roku

Method2: Miracast NBC App on Roku using Smart Phone

You can follow the procedure given below to Miracast the NBC app on Roku streaming device using smartphone.

Perform the following settings on the Android and iOS device to mirror it on the Roku device.

For Android Device:-

Go to Roku Settings>Screen Mirroring>Screen Mirroring Mode>Select Prompt or Always on

For iOS device:-

Go to Roku settings> Apple AirPlay and HomeKit> AirPlay and HomeKit Settings and make sure that AirPlay is enabled.

1. Pair up your Smartphone and Roku with Smart TV to the same internet connection.

2. Go into the App store of your Smartphone and Type in NBS app in the search box.

3. Install the NBS app on your Smartphone and login to app with the credentials provided by the TV provider.

NBC Channel on Roku

4. Open the TBS app on smartphone and choose to play any video of your choice and then click on the Cast or Screen Mirroring option in your smartphone.

NBC Channel on Roku

5. Now tap on the name of your Roku device from the available devices list on your Smartphone.

6. Now you can start streaming TBS’s content on the Roku device with the help of Smartphone.

Method 3: Activate NBC on Roku

In this method, we will learn how to Activate NBC on Roku streaming device.

 1. Power up your Roku streaming device and connect it with an active internet source.

2. Now use your PC, laptop or phone and open browser installed on it.

3. Now copy the below link of NBC activation into the search field of the browser.

4. Now run the NBC app on your Roku streaming device, it will show you the Activation code.

5. Take this code and put into the required field of the Activation site of the NBC. Lastly Click on the Activate by entering the TV provider’s details.

NBC Channel on Roku

6. After this your TV screen will reload and will stream the NBC content on your Roku device.

Final Words:

This article is all about to watch the NBC channel on the Roku streaming device. If you feel any problem in running your NBC channel on the Roku streaming device through the methods given in this article, comment down below with the query. If you have successfully installed the NBC on the Roku device, it’s time to enjoy the NBC content.

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