MXQ PRO 4K Firmware Download

MXQ boxes have gained tremendous popularity these days. Being low cost and more efficient than any conventional methods. More or less, everyone desires to have one for their home. [Download the MXQ PRO 4k Firmware in this article. ]

Having one such of these boxes can open the world of viewing television like never it had, from online streaming to live telecasts to listening to podcasts, movies, games, episodes from around the world with just a click of a few buttons. This box is exclusively designed to turn our old conventional television into Smart TVs.

Different Models of MXQ Pro: 

A robust firmware will help you get a good and clear performance from your android box. Sometimes you might need to update the preexisting firmware to fix bugs. This will prevent malware and Viruses from affecting your device. 

Currently, there are two readily available Firmwares available for MXQ Pro, depending on the version you use. They are mentioned below:

  1. Name: MXQ PRO II television
  • Model: MXQ PRO II TV 
  • OS Version: Android Lollipop 5.1.1
  • File size: 612 MB
  • Platform: AMLogic S905


It is an innovative media player capable of 4K video and high-end graphics. With Preinstalled Google services, you can enjoy smooth multitasking. CPU is AMlogic S905 Quad-core cortex A53 28nm and GPU is Penta Core ARM Mali 450

  1. Name: Nexbox MXQ PRO television box
  • Model: Nexbox MXQ Pro
  • OS Version: Android 7.1
  • File size: 697 MB
  • Platform:AMlogic S905


It supports 4K video and graphics, including 1 GB RAM and 8GB ROM, which will help you download whatever you want and save 50 % bandwidth resources. CPU is Quad Core Cortex A53, and GPU is Penta Core Mali 450

Is it Safe to Change Firmware?

Changing a pre-existing firmware can erase all the data stored. Therefore if you are a non-technical person, you should be very careful while updating your firmware. Take care to follow the correct and precise steps accordingly because if you do it wrong, it can brick your android box. Every manufacturer has a different approach to this softwares. Some show updates and provide a download page, while some will give no information about anything. However, it is safe to change firmware that should only be executed when it is essential. Updating and changing are not tricky. What might cause problems is using the wrong Zip file.

How to Download and Update MXQ BOX Firmware?

In a sentence, you may say that Firmware guides the hardware to interact with the operating system.  They are very specific to the hardware operations. All MXQ boxes use the android system of different versions, which requires updating from time to time. Firmware is kept at ROM, which stores your data even when your device is switched off. So a wrong process may result in the deletion of your files. To update or change your firmware, follow the steps given below.

Steps to Update MXQ Box Firmware:

Since the wrong firmware may hamper the functionality of your device, you must be very careful in choosing and selecting the best suitable firmware for your system and then go for updation.

Step 1: Go to your default browser. 

Step 2: Visit and download the latest version of available firmware from here  

Step 3:Connect USB to USB to where one end will be connected to your PC or laptop and the other to your android MXQ box.

Step 4: Locate and press the reset button located at the AV port of your android box for about 15 seconds.

Step 5:Now, click on the AMlogic USB burning tool on your laptop or PC from the download location. 

Step 6:Select Next to set up Activation Wizard.

Step 7: The USB burning tool will launch on your PC. On seeing a different language, click on the second option in the menu bar to select English.

Step 8: If the android box is properly connected to your PC or laptop and if all processes are done correctly, then a new dialog box will come up. Click OK.

Step 9: Then go to the File menu option on the upper right corner and click on the image import option. 

Step 10: Go to the right side and un-check the overwrite key checkbox configuration.

Step 11: Hover to the start button next residing above to start the update process.

Step 12: Let the process complete, once complete click the start button.

Once complete, the android MXQ box will be entirely up to date and run on the latest version of the firmware. 


So, that was all for this guide on how to download and update MXQ Pro 4K Box. By following these easy steps above, you can easily update your android TV box. If you want to know more about MXQ Pro, you can find many details on our website.

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