Is the MXQ Box a Mag Box? Know Reality

Let’s assume that you have decided to buy a television box by listening to all the hype around you, and you began searching online to purchase one of these devices. But, you came to the point where you see there

How to Update MXQ Box Firmware Manually

MXQ tv box is used for streaming on a big screen (TV). This allows us to stream any show or you can use your tv as an android tv. Your android tv box runs on firmware. Firmware is software that

How To Connect MXQ Box To PC [Windows/MAC]

Easily the best TV box available on the internet at an extremely affordable rate, the MXQ TV box has a myriad of options that you can peruse while watching TV. By simply installing Kodi, you’ll be welcomed to the whole

How to set Up an MXQ BOX?

The most recent advancements in the world of entertainment and viewing experience came with the launch of the MXQ android box. Everything is possible with just a few buttons, from live streaming to listening to podcasts, playing games, recording, and

How to Reset the MXQ Box?

In this rapidly changing world, none of us has time to sit in front of our television sets and wait for our favourite shows to air live and then for us to enjoy the content. In this age of fast

How to turn on MXQ BOX without a remote?

MXQ boxes had gained tremendous popularity these days. Being low cost, more convenient, and easier to use, more or less, every person chooses to have one in their home. Now it’s essential to understand the problem first that we are