MXQ Android TV Box Channels List 2021 [UPDATED]

If you are thinking about what gifts to give to your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays and festivals, you should consider the MXQ Android TV box. Many people have replaced their cable subscriptions with Android TV boxes or fire sticks.

Android TV Boxes gives the option of live streaming sports and news broadcast. With COVID19 restricting people into their houses, the demand for MXQ Android TV Boxes has increased manifold! Your friends and family will be eternally grateful to you for such a useful gift in testing times!

They can entertain themselves in the comfort of their houses with just an Android TV Box. The Android TV Box allows the users to stream the episodes of primetime shows at any time that they might have missed.

After reading about the unlimited options that you can stream with Android TV Box, you must be considering buying one or gifting one to your loved ones. The most important question is- what channels you get on an Android TV Box? What makes the MXQ Android TV Box a hit among people is that you don’t need a Smart TV to use it! It turns your regular TV into a smart one.

What You Can Watch On MXQ Android TV?

There is no limit to what you can watch on an Android TV Box! You can watch videos from Netflix, Vevo, Hulu, Prime Instant Video, and Youtube. All these streaming platforms are on-demand channels. All these platforms should be downloaded on your device for you to be able to watch videos. However, if you don’t have these on your device you can watch live or old content.

You can also watch your favorite movies with the help of Android TV Boxes along with TV Shows and videos. Old and new movies can be watched with the Android TV Boxes. Videos can be adjusted to different levels of quality.

MXQ TV Box Channels | MXQ Pro Box 4K TV Channels List

It is difficult to predict what channels can be accessed with MQX Android TV Boxes as it will depend on the Settings and applications you have set. It varies from one device to another. The different Android TV Boxes available in the market have different applications. Most of them allow viewers unlimited access to live stream programming on any channel in any country.

Kodi – Free Movies/TV Streaming

Kodi is one of the most popular applications used on Android TV Boxes. I’m sure many people would’ve heard about it a lot of times. Kodi allows you to live stream on the air (OTA) programming. However, it doesn’t provide the users with IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). You can install few plugins to the Kodi application to access OTA programming. The process is easy and anybody can learn it from Youtube tutorials. If even after watching the tutorials, you cannot do it, go to a professional. He will help you in programming the applications.

The easiest way to install an add-on is to click on add-ons and search for PRV clients. A list will be shown to you to choose from, once you find this. Try a few, so that you can decide for yourself which works the best! Once this is installed, you get a proper menu of TV and a guide. Now you can see what is shown. Mostly, the channels are listed alphabetically which makes searching easy.

American Programs

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to American programming. You get access to a variety of American channels like HBO, CNN, Fox, and even Hallmark Movies. Additionally, you can search for the programming by the network and watch the episode you missed!

Please make sure your internet connection is strong enough to load the OTA shows. Otherwise, you might go through tough times while watching those shows. Few of the American channels have their applications that you can download on your devices and stream their respective shown seamlessly. However, mostly these services are paid, so you will have to pay a stipulated amount to make use of the services.

British Programs

The British programming line-up is interesting for people who like BBC. The Android TV Box has a great variety of Sky Channels as well. If you are a die-hard fan of Premier Leagues, you are in for a big surprise as some fans have been able to stream Manchester United TV (MUTV), Chelsea TV, Liverpool FC TV (LFCTV), and Arsenal TV. This is a gift for all those who like watching live matches and interviews. You won’t have to search for the live stream to watch the matches and interviews.

Spanish Programs

For the people who speak Spanish and love Football, you can watch Barcelona TV (Barca TV) to get a glimpse of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). Unfortunately, these channels are available in Spanish and Catalan only. There are many other stations available too for people who don’t like Soccer. You can watch Telenovelas lean speak Spanish. A basic understanding of Spanish can be achieved by watching Telenovelas.

Channels By Category

The Android TV Box sorts the channels into different categories for the convenience of users. For example, channels are classified into – Entertainment, Sports, Movies, News, etc. You can search for channels category-wise. Certain streams are grouped in the same way. The TV guide is also very helpful as it shows what a particular channel is streaming at the moment.

Final Words

If you are wondering what are channels available on Android TV Box, then the answer is simple- everything! So many people wouldn’t have bought the Android TV Box if such variety was not available on the same. People have been addicted to cable boxes for a long time now and they wouldn’t have replaced them if Android TV Box was not as good. Additionally, it shows OTA programs in real-time just like cable boxes.

To sum things up. The applications, add-ons, plugins, and settings will determine the channels you will have on Android TV Boxes. We need to keep in mind that few people have complained that some stations are blocked. However, it is not a matter of concern because it can be fixed with a simple VPN hack.

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