Is the MXQ Box a Mag Box? Know Reality

Let’s assume that you have decided to buy a television box by listening to all the hype around you, and you began searching online to purchase one of these devices. But, you came to the point where you see there are types of these devices, an MXQ box and a Mag box. If you are confused about which to buy and which is a better option for you to consider, this article is just for you.

Before coming to the differences and benefits, let’s understand what these two boxes are and what they do. 

What is a Mag box?

Mag boxes are based on the IPTV system, which stands for ‘Internet Protocol Television, and refers to any content that is broadcasted through an online connection rather than using satellite, cable, etc. A Mag box receives data from specific streaming devices which were set up on the box itself. They Provide a better cable experience but in a modern way with fewer cables and connections. 

What is an Mxq Box?

On the other hand, an MXQ box is a media streaming device that connects to your television and works to enhance your viewing experience. This box helps to turn your ordinary television into an intelligent android device just like your smartphone. You can enjoy Google services on these devices, besides streaming content.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Pros of Mag Box:

  • It has local IPTV streaming support. 
  • It will provide a cable-like experience. 
  • It will not get obsolete for some moment.
  • It provides higher-quality streaming. 
  • It can easily be updated with the installation of firmware.

Cons of Mag Box:

  • They are less potent than MXQ boxes.
  • They cost more than MXQ boxes.
  • They cannot run and install applications like MXQ boxes.

Pros of MXQ Box:

  • It is cheaper than Mag boxes.
  • It is much easier to set up an MXQ box than Mag boxes.
  • It handles the streaming of content better than Mag boxes.
  • It is more potent than Mag boxes and can install and run loads of applications. 
  • They can run google services and are great for gaming.

Cons of MXQ Box:

  • The major disadvantage of MXQ boxes is that it runs on third-party IPTV applications which many not be reliable. 
  • And sec, only it doesn’t provide a cable-like experience. 

Which to choose: Mag or MXQ?

Now that all the differences between the two television streaming devices apparent clear, let’s see which among the two can be a better option for you and which you should consider buying.

Like most buyers, if you search for a cheaper option or on a tight budget, you should go for purchasing an MXQ android box. People generally carry a misconception that MXQ boxes must be expensive due to their superior specs and big, established brand names. But in reality, they are a lot cheaper option, and some may even go as for 50$.

Suppose you don’t want convenience in your box and fear that installing and running third-party applications may breach your security and increase your worries. Then you should go for Mag boxes; they provide an uninterrupted cable-like experience and can be updated with simple firmware installations. But, if you want to enjoy all the features that android has to offer plus integrated Google services and want to play games besides streaming content, then go for an MXQ android box. They are more potent than most Mag boxes.

One reason which can make you think before considering an MXQ box is that it doesn’t give you a cable-like experience. Though they offer great flexibility, the functionality is not as optimized as a Mag box. You may come across some compatibility issues, and you feel like running a different platform over a platform. If you care more about online streaming shows, then MXQ boxes might suffice your needs but fall short of providing the cable experience you used to have before.

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