Indian Channels List to Watch in the Android TV Box

People prefer buying the Android TV box rather than the regular cable subscription because it will provide you with great features and add-ons. With the help of add-ons, you can watch live TV shows with excellent picture quality. You can also install apps like Kodi on your android box for streaming through live channels.

You can use several apps to watch over 1000 Indian channels for free, and you can also watch several movies through the internet. Although Android TVs come with support for apps of different genres like Sony Liv, Hotstar, etc. Many of these apps don’t work on the Android TV box due to device regularity. So, if you want a list of Indian channels you can watch on Android TV Box, you are at the right place. So, let’s begin

Are Indian Channels Available on the Android TV Box?

You can easily watch Indian channels on your android tv box just by connecting your tv to your phone, or you can watch Indian channels via some apps for free. You can also watch Indian shows from several IPTV apps like ditto TV. All these are great ways to protect your favorite shows without the monthly subscriptions and packages. You have to pay for the Internet connection.

You will find a different application that you can use to watch popular Indian shows live on your Android TV box. There are several steps you have to follow to see the Indian channels. When you are in another country for work or some other reason, you will miss your favourite Indian shows and their drama, but you don’t have to worry. You can easily watch your shows by just downloading some applications or apps to provide you with live tv shows for free.

Which Android Channels are Available on the Android TV box?

Using the Android TV box, you can also play games, listen to music and install different apps from the play store. When you add Kodi to your android box, you will find some primary channels that you can watch live. Following is the list of regular channels which are available in the Android TV box –

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CW
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • PBS

This is the regular or essential feature of the android tv box, but after installing the latest add-ons, you can stream over 1000 Indian channels live. You have to search for your favorite channel, and voila! You have the right in front of you.

The list includes some of the channels like-

  • All channels from the Star Network like Star Plus, ABP News, etc.
  • Channels from Zee network like Zee TV, Zee Cinema, etc.
  • Many channels from Sony networks like SONY TV, SONY MAX, etc.
  • Regional movie channels like ETV, UTV Action.

The list goes on and on; it’s just that how many you want to watch. Depending on that, you can add as many channels as you want on your device.

How to watch Indian channels on the Android TV box?

As we know that Android tv boxes come with different operating systems. You have to make sure the device supports the app you install. You can watch various channels and movies with the help of tv box. If you are thinking of buying the android tv box, you will find several packages with different features. Some are of the latest technology, or some are with basic features.

It is great to see that the number of channels you can see on the box increases day by day. This is one of the great features of the Android tv box. You should buy the Android box of the 7.1 version or the 8.1 version for the great variety in channels. This will make your streaming easier.

Following are the steps of how to watch Indian channels on the Android TV box –

Steps to Watch Indian TV Channels on Android TV Box

  • First, you have to connect your android tv box to your tv and Internet.
  • Then you have to go on the “menu” option on your tv and go through the options. After this, click on the “apps” option, which will show you all the apps in your android tv box.
  • Some of the apps will be pre-installed in your box, and some of the apps you have to install from the play store.
  • RedBoxTV is a great app that will provide you with all world channels, including the Indian channels live. In this app, you will get the option called “Indian.” When you open this option, you will see all the Indian channels which you can see live.
  • You can also install apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, amazon prime, Voot, etc., by which you can see your favorite shows. With the apps like ditto TV and JIO TV, you can even watch your favorite shows live.


All the above information will provide you with detailed information about the streaming live Indian channel with the help of an Android TV box. This android TV will save you a lot of money and a monthly subscription. There are many other live-streaming apps available on the app store for downloading. You can also install trusted 3rd party applications that offer a more extensive library.

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