How to improve Fire TV privacy and security

How to improve Fire TV privacy and security

Privacy settings are not necessary to watch shows on your Fire TV, but they are necessary to protect your data from dangerous hackers. Your personal information may be exploited by hackers since your Fire Stick gadget is online.

Does privacy matter when you are binge-watching your favorite series on your Fire TV? It may seem ridiculous to worry about web safety when you are just watching regular programming on your Fire TV.

On Fire TV, the security settings include measures to keep hackers out of your cyber gateway. Like I usually say, there is a fix for every issue. You may learn several techniques to increase the security and privacy of your Fire Stick device in this post. 

Additionally, you can access Firestick with VPN for ultimate protection of your personal information and location. 

Strategies to be Adopted for Improving Security and Privacy: 

1# Use a VPN: 

Along with an insecure connection, other risks include geo-restrictions, internet monitoring and throttling, and legal issues. Fortunately, employing a VPN could be able to fix all of these troubles.

Your IP address and identity are entirely protected with a VPN. Therefore, it is advised that you use the best VPN for Firestick to ensure complete anonymity.

2# Abstain from Saving Wi-Fi Passwords on Amazon or Fire Tv: 

Regarding the security offered by Amazon’s privacy statement, you might feel a little uncomfortable about storing the password to your network in the cloud.

Although Amazon does authenticate third-party devices on your connection, you can never be completely certain that a malicious device won’t breach your network.

Use the Amazon Fire TV website to stop quick Wi-Fi  setups and erase your credentials to calm your well-founded worries.

3# Ensure a Secured Wi-fi Connection: 

An unprotected connection can be used by hackers to access the internet for free or to cause trouble with shared internet services.

The problem is that the same link that enables access to Fire TV may also enable criminals to access the connection because wireless devices are susceptible to hacking.

Maintaining a safe Wi-Fi connection can be made easier by keeping in mind the following adjustments:

  • The process of updating the router’s administrator password
  • looking up your connection type to find out who you are
  • Updating the firmware on your connection
  • Changing the Wi-Fi connection’s password
  • Increasing the Wi-Fi router’s encryption

4# Prevent Automated Reviews on Fire TV:

You can access the featured carousel by pressing the down key on the Fire TV remote once. If the down key is not quickly pressed again, the Fire TV may play featured previews.

It is not only unsettling, but it also constitutes a slight violation of privacy. Be sure to disable audio and video autopay in the Fire TV’s settings.

5# Remove Saved Content From Library: 

The options you have for removing content on Fire TV are limited. You can remove most or all of the items from the recent list on the Main screen if, for example, you don’t want others to know what you’ve been watching recently.

6# Restricting Amazon from using your personal information for marketing purposes: 

When you use Fire TV, the device keeps track of your hobbies, preferences, and other personal information, which Amazon utilizes to display more relevant advertisements to you and enhance upcoming Fire OS versions.

While gathering your information in this way is not intrinsically wrong, you might not feel comfortable using your devices after each Fire TV interface stage. So go ahead and disable data usage on the device from the settings.

7# Use Strong Passwords and Change Frequently: 

Your Amazon account is linked to your Fire TV, so the safer your account, the safer your Fire TV experience. Therefore, the first line of defense for your Amazon account is a strong password. Fortunately, this only requires you to take two actions:

Create a robust password & Turn on two-step verification.

The term “two-step” verification describes the requirement of two separate activities in order to access your Amazon account:

7# Disable Data Monitoring: 

This is pre-switched to “ON” when you initially buy your device and allows Amazon to gather user information on the app and device usage.

This function is not the best for privacy, even though it was created to help customers better understand how much bandwidth they’re using. Follow these instructions to turn off this setting if you don’t want Amazon to have access to your app and device data.


Amazon stores your Wi-Fi passwords in the cloud for quick network access. While convenient, this setting completely exposes your Wi-Fi network to any malicious user who has access to your account.

If you want an all-around security tool, we recommend installing a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. A VPN makes it simple to totally protect your Amazon Fire TV Stick activity from outside attacks.

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