How to use an MXQ BOX?

The most recent advancements in the world of entertainment, precisely in the world of viewing experience came with the launch of this MXQ android television box which changes a simple television into a more upgraded smart TV.From live streaming content, to listening your favourite podcasts, to playing games and watching movies from all around the world. You can do all these with just a few clicks of buttons.

Since it makes you use android, anyone with little or no technical knowledge can use it very easily. Also, it comes at a much lower price and with RAM and ROM options which gives the consumer choices to choose a box as per their requirements. With the help of these boxes, you can open the world of the internet like never before.

Things to note before Setting up your android box

Before starting to set up your MXQ android television, there are a few requirements that you need to make a note of. Check if you have these requirements or not.

  • A good Wi-Fi or internet LAN connection 
  • An active Google account
  • Multi-port power outlet
  • A smartphone or laptop, or PC (not necessary)

Suppose you come to know that your television box does not have pre-installed android built-in. Then you will need these things.

  • An external device for running android and applications
  • One television or monitor that have HDMI ports and which supports the content of High Bandwidth 
  • And lastly, an HDMI cord.

If you have all these beforehand, you are ready to set up your android box. It is also interesting to note that you can operate your television box with a remote provided and your smartphone and even with a keyboard and mouse.

How to use your MXQ BOX ?

Good television and the software running within can be a bit tricky to operate sometimes. Created by google, android television has now become a more generic term for android boxes running on this operating system. It was created to provide the user a smart television experience and is great for smooth media consumption. Like your phone, it is a free source, open for everyone, and can easily be modified anytime. This makes it useful in installing any application from the Google play store and performing various tasks.

These boxes open up a Pandora of stuff.  There’s a lot you can do with your television box, the following of which are given below.

Install the Recommended Apps:

Even though you are using a large screen monitor or television, the system’s interface bears many similarities to its smartphone counterparts. The applications are displayed in length and width all across the screen. You can mark and set up your favorite content on most of these, based on which recommendations will be shown to you. Though one disadvantage is that they don’t support widgets as your smartphone does.

Other apps you can Install:

Users of these systems get full access to the google play store, and just as your smartphone, and you can install and use any application based on your current software. Though in some cases, you will need a VPN for accessing geo-restricted content. But you can download Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, HBC, Hulu, NBC, Crackle, ABC, BBC iplayer, and a lot more.

Install 3rd Party Apps:

However in some cases the Google Play store can be smaller than that of your mobile version. But these boxes allow you to sideload different applications which means you will be able to download any APK file and install and run in your box. Though these apps may not be compatible with your remote, you can download remote apps from playstore and your problem is solved.

Play Games and Stream Content

Another great use of these boxes is that you can play many high graphics, high-resolution games on a much larger screen like Counterstrike, Dota, Grand Theft Auto, Sonic Hedgehog, and more. Also, you can listen to music and audiobooks from Ganna, Spotify, Audible, Russo, etc. And can play videos using a VLC media player. 

Using Pre-installed Apps

Also, your android television box comes with many other features. Developers provide these additional utilities to make your experience even better. Some of these features are:

  • Bluetooth

A lot of these boxes come with Bluetooth support. You can take the best benefits by connecting wireless, Bluetooth devices, like earphones, headphones, keyboards, mice, etc.

  • Additional Ports

This feature also varies from device to device and depends on the respective manufacturers. You will find many USB ports, Ethernet ports, SD card slots, and HDMI ports at the back of your device. You can use these to connect gaming controllers, keyboards, mice, etc.

  • Built-in Google Chromecast 

A lot of these boxes support Google Chromecast. You can very easily cast directly from your laptop, PC browser, tablet, or smartphone straight to your television. 

  • Inbuilt Assistansts

High-end and Mid-range products offer their customers the benefits of Amazon Alexa or Google assistant. In some cases, you need to activate from your remote controller just like your smartphone, or in many cases, and this comes in the form of always-on listening setup boxes.


So, these were some of the uses of MXQ Box that you can benefit from. By reading this article, you will get to know your android television box can be used in many interactive ways and make the best use of it as per your needs.

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