Roku- How to Turn off Voice on Roku?

How to Turn off Voice on Roku?

The world is moving towards devices that are stuffed with entertainment, fun, and relax your state of mind, and Roku needs no introduction in this segment as it has regular updates for your entertainment streaming. And this makes Roku one of the leading streaming devices in the digital world.

Ruko has been continuously updating itself to make it easier for the users to operate this device and if we go through deep, its audio guide is one such feature that engages its users. The audio guide offers you a kind of guide by which you can navigate a button or menu, which means without using a physical button, you can operate your device.

However, few users are not comfortable using the audio guide to operate the device; for them, there is a feature by which they can turn it off on Roku. And I am offering you this guide that solves your query about “How to turn off voice on Roku?”

So, let’s get started..!!

How to turn off the voice feature on Roku?

Usually, there are two ways by which you can turn off the voice feature on Roku.

  • Directly by remote
  • Through system settings

Turning off voice on Roku using remote

Turning off the voice option on Roku using the remote is a cakewalk for many users, and that’s why we are taking on this as the first and the best option for you to do this.

Let’s go through the step-by-step guide to perform this action.

  • Connect your device and the TV.
  • Press the asterisk button on your remote four times.

This action will turn off the voice assistant on your device. It is the easiest way to perform this action; however, if you cannot do what you want with this method, let’s move to the following procedure.

How to Turn off Voice On Roku via System Settings?

Please follow the below steps to perform the required action.

Step 1: Switch on your TV to which your Roku device is connected.

Step 2: Hit the ‘Home’ button to reach the home screen of the Roku device.

Step 3: Scroll down to get the settings option.

Step 4: In settings, you will find the Accessibility option; click on it.

Step 5: Choose the audio guide option and select the ‘Off’ option.

This action will finally turn off the voice option on your Roku device. If you want to turn on the voice guide, you can follow the same method and choose ‘On’ from the audio guide option.


The narrator feature can be turned off using two different methods. First, it can be turned off using the remote and system settings.

The new Roku device remote is so advanced that you can turn your tv using the Roku remote. Moreover, you can easily do it since it has power and volume up and down buttons.

For this action, you need to go to settings options select the system option. After that, choose the ‘power’ option and then the’ power off’ option to shut it off.

Although the device is ok, there might be a few reasons for working improperly. First, there might be any buggy program that you must have installed. That may have caused the device to restart.

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