How to Seal A Garage Door From Inside

Are you looking for how to seal a garage door from inside? Do you want to get rid of that annoying noise out there that is irrelevantly causing the disturbance in your garage?

We all know that garage doors act as a central protection system, and even the small gaps in them can cause severe damage. If left undisturbed, you can see insects, rodents, and dust particles entering the garage and making the whole garage a clumsy place.

Thus, it is essential to seal the garage door properly from inside to avoid bad weather as well as unwanted noise from outside.

So, today in this article, we will share a complete guide with easy and actionable ways to help you seal your garage door from inside.

1# Seal The Bottom Of Your Garage Door

You should always start with the bottom when thinking about sealing a garage door. To make sure your door needs sealing, you can close the door tightly and shut off the lights. After that, if you can see daylight entering into the gaps, then it requires sealing.

Here are some DIY methods to seal the bottom of your garage door:

Using garage floor seals: The easiest and simple way to seal the bottom of your garage door is to use floor seals as it does not require a lot of expertise. Not only is this useful against light and noise, but it also helps to prevent vermin and dirt from entering your garage and cause unnecessary damage. Here are the steps you can follow to use garage floor seals in the right manner:

  • Clean the garage floor thoroughly to make it free from any dirt or anything else that can disrupt the process
  • Measure your garage door and cut the floor seal in the perfect size of your door.
  • After that, close the door, place the floor seal using a rubber lip against the door’s inner side so that the thin portion of the seal remains embedded under the door.
  • Now with the help of any pen or chalk, mark the exact spot where you want to set your seal
  • With that, move the seal and cover the floor space correctly in a crisscross way.
  • Now, wait until it gets dry and fixed properly.

Using door bottom seal: Another thing you can do is use door bottom seals. These are U – shaped seals and can be easily installed without the use of any screw or glue to fix it.

2# Weather-Stripping To Seal The Sides

If the gaps on your garage door are not on the floor but the edges, then weather-stripping is an effective technique to consider.

All you have to do is get a weather strip of suitable size according to your door and measurements. Once you have it, apply some rubber adhesives to tightly fix the weather strip to your garage door. Do not forget to close the garage door so that it can press the weather strip. If your edges are not clean and free from moisture, this won’t work.

Though it is an expensive option, it helps protect your garage from snow, wind, rain, debris, dirt, and stones.

3# Seal The Top Of The Garage Door

Sealing the top of the garage door is equally relevant as that of its bottom. Buy a garage top seal that is adequate to the top of the garage. It should be made of rubber so that it can cover the top area of the door that is directly attached to the ceiling. When you shut the garage door, the seal also shuts, thus enabling all the gaps sealed effectively.

Using a top garage seal not only remains helpful for soundproofing but also keeps the garage warm from inside during the cold season.

4# Use A Threshold Seal.

A threshold seal is another effective and long term method to seal your garage door permanently. It comes with its own rubber adhesive, so you don’t have to spend additional money on getting one. This is mainly useful in preventing water from getting in and out of your garage. You can simply install a threshold seal by following these steps:

  • Start with measuring your garage door.
  • With that, cut the threshold seal according to the appropriate size of your door.
  • After that, clean the floor thoroughly with any waste cloth and wait for few minutes till its dry
  • Now just set the threshold seal on the floor properly. You can use screws to fix it correctly.

5# Insulate The Garage Door

If you do not have an insulated garage door, you can definitely try out this method to make your garage completely soundproof. You can purchase an insulation kit, including a foil to seal the door. Remember to measure the gaps of your door before buying one so that measurements would remain accurate. Now just collect all the required tools, read the instructions given in the insulation kit, and follow as mentioned.

Final words!

These are some of the popular and easy to follow methods you can try to seal your garage door from inside. I hope you would be able to do it now! If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below!

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