How to Root Android Tv Box Without Computer

If you know how to choose the right Android Box, it can add more fun to watch favourite TV shows, music videos, movies and other videos. Generally Android TV box provides all the required functionalities to enjoy each video over it, but there are ways to get maximum out of it.

Few apps are required to have root access of android device otherwise they won’t run on the system. Rooting an android device allows getting the full control over it. You will be able to run the apps which don’t run without having access of root.

If you want to make some customization in the OS of android BOX, you must know how to root android TV Box.  

I will share a quick method to root Android TV Box Without computer.

Root Android TV box with KingRoot App

You will need Kingroot app to apply root on your Android TV box. Before that too, you need to permit access to unknown sources in your device.

We will learn it through the root process of Android TV Box.

Step 1. Turn on your TV Box and Go to Settings.

Step 2. In the Setting, Look for the Security & Restrictions under Personal.

Step 3. You need to enable Unknown sources to allow download third party files with.

Step 4. An message will prompt on the screen saying “Your personal data is more vulnerable to attack by apps from unknown sources. Manufacturer will not be liable for any damages occur”. Click on OK.

Step 5. Download kingroot app that can download and manage files on your device.

Step 6. Use Downloader app to install app. Run it immediately after installation.

Step 7. After launching app, Click on “Try to Root”. App begins rooting your TV box. Once everything goes right, it returns to Home Screen.

Step 8. To confirm the root status of TV box, you can download RootChecker app to make sure the device has been rooted properly.

Final Words:

This is the simple method to root Android TV Box without Computer. No need to attach your pc with TV box. With just app, you can perform rooting on your Android TV box.

Sometimes it may need to remove the traces of root, so you should also learn How to Unroot Android TV Box.

If the Android Box stuck at some points, or giving any sort of error, a flashing process can resolve it. We have a guide on How to flash Android TV box with USB.

If the TV box is running slow, read Android TV box Running Slow Fixed.

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