How to Reset the MXQ Box?

In this rapidly changing world, none of us has time to sit in front of our television sets and wait for our favourite shows to air live and then for us to enjoy the content. In this age of fast technological advancements and growth, we want a more accessible, convenient and less time-consuming method to stream our favourite shows and movies and watch them whenever we want them, from the comfort of our homes. One such device designed to make this happen an MXQ Box.

What is an MXQ Box?

The MCQ box is a variant of the Android TV box designed to turn your old conventional television sets into smart TVs. Just like your smartphone where you can not only surf YouTube, but you can even enjoy Netflix, Prime videos other regional channels whenever and wherever you want. Though it has a typical boring design, it includes a high-performance CPU and GPU beside a choice of RAM and ROM to save and store your programs.

It is also easy to install. Therefore, you can now say goodbye to your old cable connection at a much lower price with this MXQ box.

Methods to Reset an MXQ Box:

Now you know most of the things about an MXQ box. But you might be asking how to reset this device. Well, it’s pretty easy. Below is a step-by-step guide where we have shown how you can reset an MXQ box:

Method#1: Resetting to Factory Settings

Caution: Keep in mind that resetting an MXQ box to its factory settings will erase all the saved data before you proceed. So, reserving a backup beforehand is of utmost importance before you begin with the steps.

  • In the first step, plug the MXQ box into your television set and switch it on.
  • Then search for the settings menu and open it.
  • Click on the more settings option under the preference dialogue box.
  • Then navigate to the personal column and select storage and reset or backup and reset.
  • Then click on the menu for factory reset or Data reset.
  • Then press on full reset on the displaying television screen.
  • After getting the confirmation, select verify and click on erase everything.

This entire process for reset of MXQ box to its factory settings will take a few minutes, depending on your device’s memory and storage capacity.

Method #2: Hard Resetting your MXQ Box

Another step for resetting your television box is by hard resetting your MXQ box, the steps for which are as follows:

  • First, switch off the power supply and disconnect it from the television unit.
  • Inside the television, the AV slot tries to insert a toothpick or a match stick and locate a small button. Press it for a few seconds and then connect with the power supply unit.
    • It would help if you pressed the button until a logo pops up on the screen, followed by a reboot or restart. After this, you can leave the button free.
    •  A new dialogue box will open, followed by a menu option. Using an external keyboard connected by a USB, click on factory reset or wipe data and press the tab.
    • Then click on user data and press the tab.
    • Wait for a few minutes for the process to complete and then click on reboot and press the tab.

Is there any better option than Resetting?

Removing clutters and revamping your media player is very important, but there is a better way to achieve even convincing results. That is by updating your MXQ Box. By this, you will enable it to support new media contents and online streams. New codecs are developed and added and some firmware work to improve functionality and viewing experience from time to time.  Some MXQ boxes make improvements in menu structures. That’s why resetting is necessary to make it more efficient and faster.

Benefits of Updating your MXQ Box:

  • If some online OTT platforms and channels upgrade their viewing requirements for devices connecting to their services, the MXQ box will require an update to handle such changes.
    • Regular or monthly updates enable you to catch up with the latest advancements. Firmware updates help improve the performance of the MXQ box, which will also enhance the quality of image, screen resolution and streaming experience.
    • Some update also fixes bugs and prevent the software from malware and unknown virus attacks. Scheduled updates not only help in improving the viewing experience but also increases its security and protection
    • If some changes are provided by the developers now or in the coming future, your MXQ box should be up to the mark to cope with such changes and continue binge-watching your shows.
    • Some software and hardware updates include improved HDMI capabilities and increased energy efficiency, resulting in less electricity consumption.


So, that was all for today. By reading this article, you have learned how to reset the MXQ box. We also mentioned a better way to upgrade your MXQ Box. If you want a more detailed explanation on how to update your MXQ box, you can refer to this article.

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