How to Put Android Tv Box in Recovery Mode?

Most of the Android TV Boxes have very little storage. Yet we fill it with so many apps, even those which we don’t actually need. Uninstalling those extra apps with a motive to make the android TV box faster is useless. Because, till then it is already too late for our device to recover from such load. In this article, we will be discussing how to put android TV Box in recovery mode. A good option to recover your Android box’s speed is, to do a factory data reset. This can be done by booting it into recovery. So, if you are facing the same problems and looking for someone to fix it. Then read this article very carefully.

Why Should We Reset Android Box Instead of Updating its Firmware?

There are two options to bring back that new-like smoothness. One is performing a reset and the other one is updating the firmware. Before starting the process, you should know, why you should consider resetting the Box instead of updating its Firmware.

The main reason for not updating the firmware is its harmfulness to the Android TV box. If your setup goes wrong it can easily damage your box. On the other hand, resetting and recovering your Box will only put it back to its original state. That is exactly why, it is a better option for fixing issues like slow response time, extra loading, cluttered operation, etc.

Steps to Put the Android TV Box in Recovery Mode:

With that being said, now let’s discuss the step-by-step process of how to put the android TV box in recovery mode.

Steps to follow:

  • At first, we have to identify the ‘Reset button’ and ‘Power button/plug.’
  • Then we have to power on the box and press the ‘Reset button’ then hold it for 10 seconds.
  • After this wait for the Android, logo to appear and leave the button.
  • Then the box will automatically boot into recovery and it will show some options.
  • After that, if you want to reset, select the option called ‘Wipe data/factory reset.’
  • Then a warning box will show up and we have to click ‘yes.’
  • After you press yes, all the previous data will be erased automatically and your Android TV box will be back in its original state.
  • After this choose the option ‘reboot system now’. Now yourAndroid TV Box will be as fresh as new.

Note: Putting your android TV box in recovery mode may take some time, but don’t worry. After rebooting, your device will become much faster and you will not face any clutters.

There is also a guide to Fix Android TV Box Stuck in Recovery Mode. It will be really helpful if box sees issue in recovery mode.

Parting Words:

So, that was the guide on how to put android TV box in recovery. We hope that, by using this guide, the problem you were facing has been fixed. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows without noticing any lag or system glitches.

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