How To Make MXQ Box Faster

MXQ Android TV box is an excellent device especially; for those people who want to enhance their TV’s innovative capabilities and revolutionize their home entertainment. But despite being powerful, sometimes they get affected by some annoying problems, such as buffering or lags, resulting in substantial performance issues. 

It can be very frustrating to handle a buffering MXQ box that does not deliver a hassle-free performance. Therefore, in this article, we have come up with some tips and tricks to speed up your MXQ Android TV box and eliminate the buffering problem.

Common Reasons For Android TV Box Running Slow

There can be various reasons for your MXQ Android TV box buffering. Let’s look at some of the most common problems that have made your box so irritating to use.

  • Slow Internet Connection

One of the main reasons for the buffering issues on your MXQ Android TV box can be the internet speed. Having an internet speed below 10 Mbps can make the MXQ box buffer and create a performance issue.

  • Less Storage Space

If your MXQ Android TV box is packed with movies and space-consuming apps and doesn’t have enough memory left, it can create buffering problems.

  • Outdated Router/Modem

If you have an old router/modem that cannot provide the required amount of speed to your Android TV box, it can make your box buffer a lot.

  • Cache build-up

Using your MXQ TV box for a more extended period can fill its internal storage with unnecessary cache files. Opening an app or visiting a website for the first time can make your MXQ box accumulate cache, resulting in slow functioning of the box.

How to Make MXQ Box Faster

Check the ways how to make MXQ Box faster –

Free up box’s internal storage

The MXQ boxes provide you a choice to use its external storage capabilities via a MicroSD card slot or USB port. Saving videos, shows, or any other data in the internal memory can make your box react sluggishly. Using an external storage option to store such data can make the box run faster, smoother, and less stuck. 

Use a USB cooling fan to lower overheating issues.

Usually, MXQ Android TV boxes are integrated with cooling fans and some holes to disperse heat out of the box. But, using these boxes for an extended period, such as for streaming movies, shows, or playing high intensive games, can lead to overheating issues. Despite possessing advanced cooling systems, the boxes can face overheating problems resulting in a slower MXQ box performance. However, using external cooling options like a USB cooling fan on your MXQ box can solve the overheating problem effectively. The USB fan is usually low-priced and can be used via any USB port of your MXQ box to overcome overheating and slowness of the box.

Use a fast and reliable broadband connection.

We have seen it often when a slow and less speed WIFI connection ends in generating buffering and lags issues in your MXQ Android TV box. Often the WIFI speeds fluctuate due to interference in electromagnetic signals from different devices in your house, obstruction caused by walls, and several connections from a single router. 

Identifying these issues and using a fast and stable broadband connection can eliminate such interferences. You can also use an ethernet cable to get sound signals from your router, ensuring your box performs at its maximum capacity without showing any buffering issues.

Restart the MXQ box to solve unknown issues

The MXQ box can begin to show performance problems when you operate it for a long time without giving it a break. Running the box for extended periods can make the box’s CPU undertake tasks that are not needed anymore while allowing the internal memory to accumulate unnecessary cache files. 

This makes the CPU busy, not performing at the required level, making the box develop irrelevant issues. Restarting the MXQ box can resolve unknown matters, including the unseen system developed slowness. Thus, clearing up the CPU and internal memory from unwanted tasks and files. Just turn off your MXQ box, remove the plug from the socket for a few minutes, and plug it in again to operate your box lag-free.

Use the original MXQ power adapter.

Each MXQ Android TV box is configured with a different hardware configuration to perform at its optimum level. Those hardware configurations need adequate power supplies, failing which they will start to underperform. Underperforming hardware can slow the MXQ Box, making it unable to supply the desired power that is expected of it. Therefore, it is always suggested to avoid using the same power adapter on your Android box. Using an original power adapter can supply the required power to the chest, making it perform faster without showing any lagging or slowness. 

Resetting to Factory Settings

Caution: If none of the above methods can make your device faster again. I think it’s time for you to make a complete reset of your device. Note that resetting an MXQ box will remove all the information present on it. So, be aware before you proceed or take a backup.

  • Now, connect the device and turn it on.
  • Open the settings page and go to more settings.
  • Now head to the storage and reset option or backup and reset.
  • Click on the menu for resetting your device to factory settings.
  • Select full reset and proceed.
  • After that, select erase everything and continue.

With this, your device will move back to its original settings and work more efficiently.


So, these were some of the ways through which you can make your android TV box much faster and more responsive. This article highlights some reasons due to which your android TV is running slow. It also provides the necessary measures you can take to make it faster again. 

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