How To Install Kodi On A Sony Bravia TV 2023?

If you have a Sony Bravia TV and want to install Kodi, you must be aware that this is not as straightforward as installing any app. Sony has made it extremely difficult to install Kodi on some of its Bravia series TVs. Earlier in 2019, Sony blocklisted Kodi in all of their models with Android TV version 9. It was anticipated that this step symbolized disapprovement of piracy as Kodi is a platform that offers free movies and TV shows that are otherwise need to be paid for. However, Sony never confirmed this theory.

How To Install Kodi On A Sony Bravia TV

This implies that you cannot install the Kodi app on your Sony Bravia TV. Most people who own a Bravia TV with Android TV version 8 or lower can still download the Kodi app without any problem. It is when you have Android TV version 9 when the situation arises. If that is the case with you, there is no need to be disappointed because there are still other ways. We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to install Kodi on a Sony Bravia TV`. From the given three ways, you can use whichever method works the best for you.

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How To Install Kodi On Sony Bravia Tvs From Google Play Store?

Google and Amazon have eliminated the Kodi app from their app stores on multiple occasions in the past few years. However, there is still a good chance that you can find the Kodi app in Google Play Store. If you can find it there, then installing Kodi will be pretty straightforward. If it is not available there, you can try the second method, sideloading, explained in the next section. Follow the given steps to install Kodi from Google Play Store:

Step 1: The first step is to open the Google Play Store on your Bravia TV. Click on “Get More Apps” in the App Windows to do so.

Step 2: Browse for “Kodi” using the search bar.

Browse For Kodi

Step 3: Check that it is the official Kodi app. Kodi was earlier named after its developers, XBMC, and the developers still go by the same name. If the developers of the app you found a match, you can proceed to the next step.

Kodi App Play Store

Step 4: Click on the “Install” button to start downloading the app.

Kodi App Download

Step 5: Once downloaded, you will be able to find the app in the Apps Window of your Sony Bravia TV.

Kodi Sony Bravia TV App

How To Install Kodi On Sony Bravia Tv Using Sideloading?

You will often not find the app in Google Play Store, or you might not get the app version you wanted. In this case, sideloading the app is another simple method you can try. Wondering what sideloading is? There are multiple ways to go about it, but we have covered one of the more straightforward methods. Sideloading refers to the process of manually downloading an application on an Android device. In this method, you need to install a downloader app first, using which you will install the Kodi app. Given below are the steps you need to follow to sideload Kodi:

Step 1: First, open Google Play Store by clicking on “Get More Apps” on your Sony TV. Search for the Downloader app and install it. This app is a FireStick app, but it also works perfectly on Android TVs such as Sony.

Downloader App

Step 2: Once downloaded, you can find the Downloader app in the App Windows and open it. If you are a first-time user of the app, it may ask you permission to access your device’s photos, media, and files. In that case, click on “Allow.”

Downloader App Permissions

Step 3: The app may also require permission to install unknown apps. In that case, a message during the installation process will appear and redirect you to the Settings, where you can make the required changes.

Downloader App Settings

Step 4: Once the app opens, search for “” using the search field. This app has an integrated web browser. Hence, you will be redirected to the official Kodi site.

Kodi TV Downloader App

Step 5: Now, click on the Download option present under the Menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Kodi TV Menu

Step 6: Scroll down the page until you find several operating system options. You have to select the operating system that works on your Sony Bravia TV that is Android. Select Android and move to the next step.

Download Kodi TV Smart TV

Step 7: Once you select the download, you will be presented with several available versions of Android. The ideal version for Sony Bravia TVs is the 32-bit APK for ARM processors. Hence, click on ARMV7A (32 bit) APK. It would take only a few minutes to install the application as it is only 65 MB large.

Install Kodi On Smart TV

Step 8: Click on the Install button to start installing the app.

Step 9: Once installed, close the Downloader app, and you will find the Kodi TV app on the App Windows of your TV. Click on it to open it.

Kodi TV Running Sony Bravia

How To Install Kodi On Sony Bravia From The Official Website?

Another method that you can use is downloading the Kodi app from their official website on your PC and then transferring it to your Bravia TV to install it. This is similar to the method mentioned above, except that it eliminates the step of installing the Downloader app on your TV. You can also reload Kodi app on MXQ box using this method. Simply follow the given steps to do so:

Step 1: First, you need to change your TV’s settings to install files from unknown sources. To do so, open the setting panel on your TV and find the “Security & Restrictions” option.

Sony TV Settings

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources allowing your TV to install files from outside of the Play Store.

Enable Unknown Sources

Step 3: To download the Kodi app, visit the official Kodi download page Click on download and choose the suitable version of the app.

Step 4: Once downloaded, copy the .apk file to a USB or in your Google Drive. Plug the USB into the TV.

Files By Google

Step 5: Now, utilize Google App’s Files (download it if your TV does not already have it) and locate the .apk file. You can also use any other file manager if you want. However, be careful while choosing one.

Download Kodi APK

Step 6: Once found, open the .apk file and follow the prompts on the screen. Before downloading, a message will appear that will require your permission to download the app. Click on “OK” to start the installation process. After the process is complete, the Kodi app will appear on the Apps Windows on your TV.

Kodi TV Running Sony Bravia

Final Words

Kodi is a brilliant application where you can access loads of TV shows, series, and movies. It is no wonder that it has gained incredible success over the years. Due to its widespread use, its developers have made it available for various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, and more. Additionally, you can find multiple versions of it on their official website.

Sony might have made it challenging to install the Kodi app, but there are still plenty of other ways you can try installing it. Suppose you follow the steps of any given method correctly. In that case, you can easily install Kodi and revolutionize your Sony Bravia TV into a multimedia center and make streaming your favorite movies and shows more effortless than ever.

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  1. Hello, I have installed Kodi on my Sony XBR X900F. However , it’s internal storage is very small, and my media library is very big (thumbnails, metadatas etc). I tried to move the userdata files over to an external thrumbdrive using same method I have used for my ShieldTV, but Sony TV isn’t allowing me to move any files using XPlore.
    Do you know of any way to accomplish this?


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