How to Install IPTV on an MXQ BOX?

When discussed binge-watching, there are many terms that we come across of which IPTV is one. In this era of swift technical shifts, we have experienced a turn over to internet-based streaming from traditional broadcasting modes to the new streaming platforms. IPTV plays a significant role in this phase change. This revolution evolved the TV viewing experience on a much considerable scale.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet-Based Protocol Television, which provides us with an option to watch shows and programmes on demand or live telecasted worldwide. This method is slightly different from typical digital video viewing apps and sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube. But it shares a similar nature, unlike a cable or satellite connection.  IPTV use a single paid subscription by the subscriber or user from home.

How IPTV Works?

Instead of transmitting contents through fibre cables or radio waves, IPTV makes work of your internet connection to run programs and shows on your television.  IP network providers aim to provide more flex within the network, enabling two-way interactions compared to the traditional broadcasting service network. 

This allows the subscribers to customize and personalize their viewing experience as per their wants and demands. But the most critical aspect of this technology is that you don’t have to wait for what’s being broadcasted. Instead, you can order or ask your provider for your content, and they will be immediately sending it to you.

If you want to enjoy this service on your MXQ Android Box, you can use this simple guide and use it with your MXQ box.

Methods to Install IPTV on an MXQ Box?

For devices running on android, IPTV has loads of APK files and sources that can be downloaded and then you can install it. Since IPTV player is available in almost all steamtable devices like laptops, smartphones, Ipads, Android tablets, computers and even smart television sets. You can either get it downloaded on a smartphone or an android box. An application of this is also available in the Google play store.

Method#1: Instal IPTV on MXQ Box Using Google Play Store

Step 1: Downloading the APK file

  • First, switch on your android television box and then navigate to the home screen.
  • Now open the google play store and search for “Lazy IPTV.”
  • You can also click here to go to the page directly.
  • Now click on install, and wait for it to download
  • Now press on the home screen and open the apps menu.
  • After this, scroll your cursor down and open the Lazy IPTV app for android smart television sets.
  • With this, you have successfully installed IPTV on MXQ Box
  • If your region doesn’t support the app, you can use the following method to install it.

Method #2: Install IPTV on MXQ Box Manually

  • Scroll down and find the option from where you can download the APK file.
  • You can either tap on the download button or select and save the application. Once the app is downloaded on your respective android box, move to the next step.
  • After it is downloaded, you will be getting a push notification at the left bottom corner of your screen.
  • Now again, navigate to the home screen of your android television box.
  • From the main screen of your respective device, go to the application “ES FILE EXPLORER” and press on the “Internal Storage” option and open the folder named “download” next to it.
  • Then you will see the downloaded APK inside the downloaded folder.
  • Click on the IPTV APK and install the application.
  • Wait for the application to get installed. After this, you can open IPTV on your MXQ android box and enjoy it.

Special Note:

After following these steps, you can install and set up IPTV on the MXQ box and enjoy it seamlessly.  But keep in mind that it is always advised and better to help a technical professional than yourself. Also, make sure you use a VPN to protect your device and your android television box against malware and viruses and watch geo-restricted contents.


That was all about Installing IPTV on MXQ TV BOX. If you face any other issue related to this, you can comment below. We will make sure to attend to your queries. Moreover, you would also love to read MXQ Pro 4k Android TV Box Review.

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