How To Fix Parse Error On Android Tv Box

Sometimes android tv boxes show parsing errors while installing a package from google play store. It is very frustrating when you can’t download apps from the google play store. There are some reasons because of which the parsing error occurs in your android tv box. In this article, we will tell you about those reasons and ways to resolve them. You just need to read it and apply it on your tv which is connected to the android tv box.

Parsing error appears when you try to install an app but it shows error. A small window poping up saying ’there is a problem in installing’.

Read the article carefully and see your particular reason for parsing error and resolve it.

1.) Compatibility Of App

Check for the app compatibility. See, if it supports the android which is operating on your device. This can also be the reason for parsing errors. If it supports the higher version of android than you have to update your android tv box to the latest android and it will resolve the parsing error problem.

If the app supports the older version of android then you can’t install that app because the app is not up to date.

2.) Allow App Installation From Third Party

This is also a main reason for why you are encountering parsing errors in your android tv box. You have to allow app installation from the third part from your settings in android tv box.

Follow these steps to allow it –

  • Go to settings.
  • Select security option and see for ‘allow installation from unknown sources’ option.
  • Click on this option and install your application without an error.

3.) Install The App Again From Playstore

Try installing the app again. If you are seeing a parsing error on your android tv box. Remove the app and install it again from the source. You can also download a .apk file from the browser (not from google play store) but the source must be trusted. Install the .apk file and maybe you will not see the parsing error.

4.) Antivirus Issue

If you have installed antivirus on your android tv box,it can also be the reason for the parsing error because sometimes the antivirus or security application reads the file as a threat and blocks the installation. This shows the parsing error in the installation of the package. To resolve this issue, you have to disable your antivirus or any other security application while installing the package. This will solve your problem. If it doesn’t try other methods.

5.) Clear Cache Of Google Play Store

Clearing cache or cookies from the google play store. Excess cookies or cache can also be the reason for parsing errors while installing any application.

Follow these steps to clear cache and cookies from play store –

  • Open google play store.
  • Open settings.
  • Check for clear history and select it.
  • Clear it and this will clear the cache and cookies from the google play store. Now install the application and the error will not be there.

6.) Update Your Android Tv Box

The app you are trying to install may not work or not compatible with the android version. There is a chance that your android tv box is not updated and the app only works on the latest android version. So you need to update your android tv box.

Follow these steps to update your android tv box.

  • Open settings.
  • Select system option.
  • After this, check for the ‘check for updates’ option and select it.
  • Update your android tv box to the latest android.

Now try installing the application and your problem should be resolved. If it is not resolved try other methods.

7.) Reset Your Android Tv Box

If any of the above steps doesn’t work then you have to reset your android tv box for resolving the parsing error problem. This is the last option, don’t use it until you have tried all other options. This should be your last try. Try not to reset your android tv box until doing all other methods.

Follow these steps to reset your android tv box –

  • Switch on the tv your android tv box is connected with and open settings.
  • Select system option from the settings.
  • You will see a reset option after that select it.
  • A small popup window will open which will ask you for the confirmation,give your permission.
  • This will take some time and after this restart your android tv box.

Now install your particular package and your problem would have been resolved by this.

These are the ways or methods of resolving parsing errors on your android tv box. Follow these, do comment down and tell us which methods work for you. If you are facing any other problem too, just comment and will surely help you with a solution.

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