How To Connect Wireless Keyboard To MXQ Box

The MXQ Android TV box comes with a load of features at an affordable price. It allows you to stream thousands of entertainment channels and play games and access social sites easily. But using all the features of the MXQ box can be easier- when connected to a wireless keyboard. A wireless keyboard helps you navigate easily through the functions of your MXQ box with an assigned trackpad and physical keys for the best user experience. This article will show you how to connect a wireless keyboard to an MXQ box in various ways. 

Possible Reasons For An Unresponsive Keyboard

Sometimes the Bluetooth keyboard can get out of sync with the MXQ box for various unknown reasons. Below, we have mentioned some of the possible reasons for an unresponsive keyboard.

Hardware Damage

Hardware damage to your wireless keyboard can result in unresponsiveness. Usually, this happens when some of your keyboard parts get damaged due to mishandling. If your keyboard has missing keys or rattling components, repair it or replace it with another wireless keyboard to connect it with your MXQ Android TV box.

Replace The Batteries

The wireless keyboard power supply comes from its batteries. After using the keyboard for some time, these batteries tend to lose their charge. You may expect your wireless keyboard- to completely turn off when the battery gets dead. But sometimes that’s not the case. Whenever your wireless keyboard does not get detected, ensure to check the batteries for a proper power supply.

Faulty USB Receiver

Wireless keyboards that use a Bluetooth dongle or receiver to connect wirelessly with your MXQ box might sometimes get undetected. This can be due to a fault in the MRQ box’s USB port. Try to use another USB port of the MXQ box (if provided in your model) or replace the port to connect your wireless keyboard with the box. 

Different Methods To Pair Your Wireless Keyboard

The MXQ box supports both Bluetooth and wired connectivity options. Pairing a wireless keyboard with your MRQ box is very easy. We have described all the possible methods to pair your wireless keyboard with the MXQ box. Read below to find out:

Method #1: Connect Using Bluetooth Mode

  • Power up the MXQ Android TV box.
  • Go to the home screen.
  • Now move to the settings.
  • Find “Remote and accessories” from the settings menu.
  • In the “Remote and accessories,” you will find an “Add” option. Click on it, and you will see a nearby list of available Bluetooth devices.
  • Search for your keyboard name from that list.
  • Click on your keyboard name, and your keyboard will start pairing with your MXQ box. Once paired, you will see the name of your wireless keyboard on the screen.
  • The keyboard is paired now. Use it as per your need.

Method #2: Pair Through Bluetooth Receiver

  • Power up the MXQ Android TV box along with the wireless keyboard.
  • Find the Bluetooth receiver that you must have got with the wireless keyboard.
  • Insert the Bluetooth receiver into one of the USB ports available in the MXQ Android TV box.
  • Once inserted into any USB port, the MXQ box will automatically start to detect your wireless keyboard.
  • Wait for your MXQ box to locate your wireless keyboard. Once paired, use your wireless keyboard to control all the functions in your MXQ Android TV box.

Method #3: Using Mobile As Keyboard

  • Switch on your MXQ box.
  • Connect your MXQ box and mobile phone to the same wifi connection.
  • Now download Android TV Remote Control App from your phone’s Google Play Store.
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Choose “Accept and Continue.”
  • You will see a list of available devices. Select your MXQ Android TV box from the list.
  • Enter the PIN shown on your box screen to pair your phone’s keyboard with the MXQ Android TV box.
  • Now select any text field on your Android phone and get ready to use the keyboard on your MXQ box seamlessly.

Best Wireless Keyboard For MXQ Box

Wireless keyboards are usually used with an Android TV box to improve a user’s experience. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, these wireless keyboards can be used; to easily control your MXQ box. But before buying any of those wireless keyboards, you should know which one is best suitable for your MXQ box. We have given below some of the best wireless keyboards- you can buy and use for your MXQ box in 2021.

The Anewish T16 is a multifunctional wireless keyboard that comes with a touchpad in the center and controllers on both sides. A mini keyboard is available at the bottom with a backlit to easily use it at night time. This mini wireless keyboard is undoubtedly one of the best to go for your MXQ Android TV box.

A mini, compact designed wireless keyboard from Fosmon with a mini touchpad at the right corner to move a cursor around. It may be small in size; however, it needs two hands for convenient use. This keyboard uses Bluetooth technology for easy pairing options MXQ box. Priced at very low, the Fosmon Bluetooth Keyboard works very well with the MXQ Android TV box.

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