How to Add Ram to Android TV Box

There are practically many Android TV Box uses to play video games, stream multimedia files, and whatnot. You can even enjoy these with friends together.

Who doesn’t want a smooth gaming and working experience while playing video games? But for that, you need to have a lot of RAM. As nowadays, even android games have become very RAM intensive.

Although there are no official ways to increase the RAM of your Android TV Box, there is one way to do this by upgrading RAM via additional dedicated storage.

Benefits of Using Extra Storage?

Unfortunately, most of the Android TV Boxes in the market out there come with minimal storage. Not only RAM, but you also get a ton of other benefits by getting additional storage for your Android TV Box.

Here are some of the benefits that you get:

  • Provides extra space to the internal storage for system apps hence helps increasing performance.
  • It helps you store your favorite movies & TV shows.
  • Add all the music directly into your storage card.

Which Storage Device to Use for Your Android TV Box?

In case you are not sure about how to get more storage which is ideal for your Android Box, let us guide you through the process.

Most of the Android TV Boxes in production have an in-built slot for a MicroSD card that can increase the default storage. There are other options like a pen drive and external hard drive, but none are better choices than a MicroSD card.

android box with micro sd card slot

The Standard card, Mini card, and Micro SD-card – these are the three versions of available SD cards in the market.

You can easily spot the difference between a Micro SD card and a standard size SD card.

On the right is the standard size SD card and on the left is the micro-sized SD card. Almost all of the Android TV Boxes available in the market use the micro-sized SD card. Different Android operating systems have other limits of memory that can be allotted. For example, Android 6 and above lets you extend the internal storage of your Android TV Box.

  • To quickly add your SD card to your internal storage, you have to go to the Setup option after seeing a prompt pop on your android taskbar. (You do this after inserting your SD card)
  • After that, make sure you select “Use as internal storage.”

Now let’s move on to see how you can add extra ram to your Android Tv Box.

Pre-requisites for Adding Extra RAM to Your Android Tv Box

Before you move on to this method, make sure that your android tv box has the following specifications:

  • Make sure that your device has a class 4 micro-SD card or higher
  • Make sure that your device is rooted
  • Make sure that the latest updated operating system is there
  • Make sure that you have a compatible SD card reader installed

Guide to Add RAM to Your Android TV Box:

Here is a step-by-step guide to adding RAM to your android tv box:

Step 1: Ensure that your Android TV Box Supports Swapping

Before proceeding, it is imperative to ensure that the swapping function is enabled in the device you are using. If you don’t know how to check whether or not, you can install a simple app on your android tv called MemoryInfo and Swapfile Check.

They are both free and readily available. Make sure to install them and do a thorough checking before proceeding any further.

Step 2: Partition Your Micro-SD Card

You can partition your micro-SD card using any free tool of your liking. However, it is highly recommended to use this free tool called Mini Tool Partition Wizard.

After doing this, insert your micro-SD card into your compatible reader and ensure it connects to your desktop. You can now make partitions and start optimizing your SD card this way.

Follow these quick steps now:

  • You were using the mini tool that you installed earlier, “format and partition” the SD card.
  • Right-click on the inserted SD card and “create” the partition.
  • Then select this partition primary and set the file system to “FAT32” if you are using a more than 4 GB card.
  • Leave at least 1 GB of memory for the next partition.
  • Right-click on “Done” and again head-on to make the partition option.
  • Repeat the entire process, but this time set the file system as EXT2, EXT3, or EXT4.
  • All that’s left is to apply the changes, and you are done with the partitioning process.

Step 3: Connect SD card to Android TV Box

Now is finally the time to link your partitioned SD card with your Android TV.

You can do this easily. All you have to do is install a free app called Link2SD. It is readily available in the play store.

Remember that after you are done with the installation, you must give root permission to this app. Do this while selecting the “.ext” partition.

Now begin linking them.

Step 4: Increase RAM of your Android TV Box

Now all that’s left is to increase the RAM. You have to download yet another app for this process. It is a free app and is readily available. It is called Swapper for Root.

  • Download Swapper for Root.
  • After you have finished downloading and installing this app on your Android Tv Box, all you have to do is to launch it and choose the amount of RAM that you want to add to your Android TV Box.
  • The app will then proceed into creating a .swp file which will be acting as a virtual RAM for your android device.

That was it. You are now done with doing everything and are ready to play high-end video games and stream them with your friends without any lag.

Final Words:-

After reading the article, I hope you unterstood the way to add/increase RAM to Android TV Box. By adding more RAM to your Android Box, you can make it run smooth and faster.

You get more space for apps and other files in your Box. Do let us know by your comments if you have any suggestion or advice related to this articles. And below read more articles related to Android TV Box.

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  1. Hi there thank you for your helpful guide. But I need clarification. I have a 1TB sd card and want to use it for extra storage and also virtual ram. Is the first Fat32 partition is for storage? And the EXT4 partition for virtual ram? Is this correct? If not please explain how I use this SD 1TB to partition for both storage and Vram.
    Thank you in advance much appreciated.


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