GE Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV [Updated 2023]

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV

Are you a Sanyo TV user and trying to program GE Universal remote with it? I have solution for you. You can use GE Universal remote codes for Sanyo TV, which will help you to program your GE remote. In this guide, you will get GE Universal Remote control code list for CL3, CL4 and CL5 remote type.

You can program the GE remote with your Sanyo Tv by putting the right code. If you put wrong code anyway, it will be difficult to program the remote to TV. You must know the right GE remote code for Sanyo Tv before start programming.

As I can say that if we talk about best universal remote then, GE remote control from ByJasco comes in my mind as most budget-friendly universal remote control which is capable to control multiple devices after pairing them up with the correct code.

While we talk about the Sanyo Tv, it comes with the IR sensor to communicate with the remote control. Sanyo general TV and Sanyo Smart TV both use the IR technology. And GE remote also work on Infrared. So, with the correct code for Sanyo TV for all three CL3, CL4 and CL5 GE universal remotes, we can program the remote control to the Sanyo TV.

Pairing Ge remote with Sanyo TV is simple as takes only few steps to complete the entire programming process.

Find below the 100% working GE Universal remote control codes for Sanyo TV.

Things to keep in mind while searching Correct GE Universal Code for the Sanyo TV?

Here are some important notes to consider while getting the right GE universal remote code for a Sanyo TV.

  • Find the CL version of your GE Universal remote: CL3, CL4, or CL5 with Sanyo TV
  • Make sure your GE remote is working 100% and that your battery is sufficient charged. If not, the remote will simply be unusable.

You can learn which version of GE remote is currently in use by removing the battery compartment cap. There CL3, CL4, or CL5 will be printed among other details on the packaging.

Here you must know one important thing is GE Universal Remote Codes are available for 4-digits or 5-digits for almost all the TV devices. Sanyo TV GE Universal remote codes given below are also include both 4-digit and 5-digit codes.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

GE remote codes vary, and we’re going to give you three different versions of them here.

CL3 GE universal remote codes list for Sany TV

  • 5261
  • 5251
  • 2981
  • 2991
  • 3051
  • 0001
  • 0801
  • 1051
  • 1161
  • 1261
  • 1531
  • 1581
  • 1911
  • 2871
  • 2881
  • 3481
  • 5001
  • 5241

The CL3 GE remote needs to be programmed with 4-digit universal remote codes. When programming the GE remote to Sanyo TV, use one of these codes from the top of the list.

CL4 GE Universal Remote Codes [4 digit] for Sanyo TV

If you have a GE universal remote that’s a CL4, then the remote codes for Sanyo TVs are given below.

  • 1161
  • 5261
  • 2891
  • 5251

CL5 4-digit GE universal remote codes for Sanyo TV

  • 1161
  • 5261
  • 2891
  • 5251

We have shared all the GE universal Remote codes for Sanyo TV. These should be enough to program Ge Remote with the Sanyo TV.

The codes are listed in the order of their success ratio when programming a Sanyo TV. So, I recommend you to use the first code on the list to program your Sanyo TV.

How to program GE universal remote code with Sanyo TV?

Here we have shared the steps to program the GE Universal Remote to Sanyo TV.

I would recommend trying the first code in the list when pairing your remote. For CL3 GE remote users, use 5261. And for CL4 and CL5 GE remote users, use 1161. If the given codes don’t work, try with another code in the list.

  • Turn on Your TV.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button on your GE universal remote until the red light turns ON.
  • To program GE remote to Sanyo TV, you need to press the TV button on the GE remote or the Streaming device button on the GE remote.
  • Enter the four-digit code for your Sanyo TV from the list given above using the number keys. The red LED right indicates that you have entered the right code.
  • Test all the buttons on your GE universal remote pointing to your Roku TV, Roku stick or Roku box to test the code.
  • If Roku is responding properly, then you have successfully paired up remote with TV.

If TV is not responding properly, try to program it with different remote code from the list.

Which Universal Remotes can work with Sanyo TV other than the GE remote?

The Sanyo TV is one of the world’s most well-known and popular TVs. That means a lot of universal remotes are compatible with it.

You can use an RCA universal remote, Sofabaton U1 universal remote, One for all remote, spectra remote, dish universal remote, DirecTV universal remote, etc.

Make sure you don’t use the GE universal remote codes with other brands’ universal remote. They won’t work with different brand remotes.


If you have a Sanyo TV and are looking for GE universal remote codes, we hope this article has been helpful.

While the process of finding the right code can be a bit tedious, it’s definitely worth it in the end when you can finally sit back and relax with your new remote.

Do you have any other tips on how to find remote codes? Let us know in the comments below!

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