GE Universal Remote Code for Element TV + Programming Guide 2023

GE Universal Remote Code for Element TV

You recently got the GE Remote for your Element TV? Now you want to program your GE universal remote with the Element TV. Well, I want to let you know that you are at the right place. Here I will provide you GE Universal Remote codes for Element TV and I will also share the method to program GE Universal Remote with the Element TV.

When you have GE universal remote then you don’t need to buy remote for your TV as GE remote supports almost all the brands TV. However, you always need to find the perfect code to program GE remote with your TV. Ge remote has different codes for different brand TVs. In this post, we will talk about GE Universal Remote Code for Element TV. We will provide all codes for CL3, CL4 and CL5 GE remotes. You will find the GE codes for Element TV in 4-digits. I will be sharing all the 4 Digits GE remote codes for Element TV.

GE Universal remote code for Element TV

Before we start pairing the GE remote to Element TV, we need to identify the Code list version of the remote we are using. Irrespective of model number we are pairing with, we need to first check the CI number whether it is CI3, CI4, or CI5.

To confirm it,

Please open the remote battery cover and check the which code list is supported by the GE remote control.

You should see the code list number printed on the sticker. Next, choose the code from the below Ge universal remote code list to program GE Universal remote with Element TV.

  • Code List 3 (CL3 GE remote codes for Element TV) – 2401, 5361, 5411, 4111
  • Code List 4 (CL4 GE remote codes for Element TV) – 5421, 1091, 1651, 5361, 5341, 2401, 5471, 5831, 5841, 6021
  • Code List 5 (CL5 GE remote codes for Element TV) – 5421, 1091, 1651, 5361, 5341, 2401, 5471, 5831, 5841, 6021

If you closely look at all the lists, it clearly shows that List 4 and List 5 are same, only Code list 3 is different.

In case of in-built Roku with Element TV, remote is not compatible to control the Roku. You can buy a remote called Sofabaton U1 remote for it.

How to program a GE universal remote to Element TV

In this section, we are sharing process to program a GE universal remote to the Element TV. It should take few seconds to pair up both remote and Element TV.

  • Turn on Your TV.
  • Hold down the Setup button on the remote control until a RED light appears.
  • Press and release the “TV” button
  • Next, enter the GE remote codes for Element TV. For CL3 remote, enter 2401; for CL4 or CL5 remote, use 5421.
  • When the code is entered correctly, the RED light will go off.
  • Now, point the remote at your TV and try pressing all of its buttons. If you can see that it responds to each button press, then you have paired successfully!

If some of the keys on your GE remote are not working with the Element TV, then you have to re-program remote to the TV with other code from the list.

What To Do When the GE Remote Is Not Programmed with Element TV?

If your GE remote is not programmed with your Element TV, there are a few things you can try to get it to work. First, check the batteries in the remote and make sure they are fresh. If they are, then try restarting your TV and see if that helps. Next, find the code for your Element TV in the GE Remote Code list given above and follow the instructions for programming the remote.

If you still face the issue in programming a GE remote to Element TV, then you should consider using the auto search method. In this method, no need of GE remote code to program, Instead, we let GE remote to find the perfect code and program.


We hope this article has helped you out. We’ve provided different codes list that should work with your TV, so try them all out and see which one works best for you.

Once you have the code, setting up your remote to the Element TV is quick and easy, so you can start enjoying your TV even more.

Do you have a favorite Element TV show or movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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