[Fixed] Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps

Are you tired of experiencing this issue where your Xbox one beep but won’t turn on? Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this. Today in this article, we have listed some easy methods to fix the issue by following simple steps.

Read the complete guide to know why this particular issue happens and how can you solve it conveniently:

Reasons behind Xbox One Beeps but Won’t Turn On:

Before discussing the ways to fix this issue, let us understand that there are various reasons or common faults that are usually the case for the console not booting up and Xbox one beeps but won’t turn on:

1. Console Overheating

Console overheating can be the most prominent cause that creates booting problems. This majorly occurs when you continuously play games on Xbox one and change it frequently or when your Xbox remains turn on for long hours. If you think your console is heated, all you have to do is just disconnect the console from the outlet. Now, wait for a few seconds (10-20 seconds) before switching it on.

2. Liquid on Motherboard

Another reason can be the presence of liquid on the Xbox motherboard. Since liquid can damage the motherboard and leads to booting issues. As a result, your Xbox one would get turn on, but after a few seconds, it gets off. So if this thing is persisting with you, get it fixed by an authorized expert.

3. Faulty PSU

Xbox one comes with an internal PSU which doesn’t provide the required burst to the initial boot. Due to this, the issue of Xbox one beeps but won’t turn on came into play. To fix this issue, you can either get it fixed or replaced by the company. However, do remember that the replacement cost is much higher than that of the used Xbox one.

How to Fix the Issue of Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps?

There are several methods described below to fix the issue. We have come up with the easiest and workable ones that can potentially help you get your issue fixed. Now what you have to do is try out all the methods one by one before finding the best one to solve your problem successfully.

So without any further discussion, let’s start:

Method 1: Power Cycle Required for Your Xbox

This is the most common and easiest of all the methods you can try to get your Xbox one fixed. Here is the step by step guide to power cycle your Xbox One:

  • Insert the cord and switch on the electricity button
  • Hold the power button on your console for about 10 seconds
  • With this, the reset process will begin
  • Now you will see that your console is getting off
  • The power brick will change its blink from orange to white
  • After the power brick turns dark orange, it implies your power cycle is completed

Method 2: Click the ‘Eject’ button Again and Again

Hold and press the eject button for some 10-15 times repeatedly, and you will see that your Xbox one will reset automatically. If still, it doesn’t turn on, try pressing the eject button for 2-3 more times, and you will see the results.

This method might not seem like one suggested by a professional but has worked quite well for many users. You can try that too.

Method 3: Recheck Power Cable and Power Brick

If either your power cable or power brick is broken, you are most likely to get the issue where Xbox one won’t turn on but beeps. Due to bent wires, the damaged plastic casing on the brick you will not be able to reset your Xbox console. In this situation you can do two things:

  • Find a substitute of your power cable or power brick to check if it works.
  • Take your power set to someone else who also use Xbox one and check if their console is also not working just like yours. In this case, you got to change your complete power set.

Method 4: Unplug Your Xbox for a Few Second

If none of the above methods has worked well for you, here’s another thing you can try that is to unplug your Xbox one for some 10 seconds. This is an internal reset which is different from power cycling.

Method 5: Insert the Disk in the Disk Box of Xbox One

This method is for those who do not have a disc in their disc drive of Xbox console. To insert the disk properly, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Insert a part of the disc inside the drive when the console is power off
  • Now press the power button and wait for the beep sound
  • Once you feel the beep, insert the disc in the drive carefully
  • After that, your console will accept the disk and possibly turn on

Method 6: Press sync, Eject and Power Button simultaneously

We have listed this method at the last because it’s a bit complicated. You might not be able to perform it well in the first go, so make sure you read the below-given steps patiently and follow it as said:

  • Hold and press the sync eject and power button together
  • Now after 10 seconds, release the eject button
  • Wait for 15 seconds and now release all the buttons
  • After that hold the power button and long-press the sync button

If it still doesn’t work, press the sync button for more number of times while holding the power button at the same time.

Final words

Hope these tips would work with your Xbox One. If in case your Xbox one still beeps but won’t turn on, then probably it needs servicing.

So, you can either check out Xbox tutorials or troubleshooting guides on their official website if that works for you. Else you can always purchase a new Xbox to get rid of the issue completely.


Ans: This is a most frequently occurred issue with most of the Xbox One. So you can try out the methods provided above, or you can use a blow dryer to fix this issue.

Ans: The most common reason for this is that your Xbox power brick has a malfunction

Ans: Every time you turn on your power brick, it shows some light which implies that your electric signal is correct. If you can see either orange or white light, then there is no issue. If none of these lights is flickering, that itself means that your power brick isn’t receiving any electricity and needs service.

Ans: If your Xbox one shuts suddenly after a few seconds, then its major reason is overheating. So what you can do is just wait for some time before you boot your Xbox one and make sure your fans are clean for enough ventilation. If it still doesn’t boot, then try removing the external HDD and turn on your console.

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